Remember the first ‘Men In Black’ way back in 1997?  At the end, Linda Fiorentino’s character Laurel stepped in to join Will Smith’s Agent J in further alien busting exploits, while Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K retired.  But cut to five years later, in ‘Men In Black II’, Agent K was back in the saddle and Laurel was nowhere to be seen.  What ever happened to her?  Answers were not provided, not even ten years later in 2012’s ‘Men In Black 3’.  Then again, it IS called ‘MEN In Black’.  Wouldn’t want to mess with a winning formula, right?

Well, maybe the times they are a’changing.  According to producer Laurie McDonald announced that the fourth film would live up to the promise of the first film and feature a woman in black.

Her remark is pretty short and to the point:

“There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film].”

Not much is known about the upcoming ‘Men In Black’.  It may not even be called ‘Men In Black 4’ since this is supposedly the kickoff for a brand new trilogy.  And with a female lead, the ‘Men’ part may also be changed.  The new film will also be a reboot in another way– Will Smith won’t be a part of it.

What we do know is that the script is being handled by Oren Uziel (’22 Jump Street’) and Sony was, at least at one point, considering a ‘MIB’/’Jump Street’ crossover.  No really.

‘Men In Black 3’ outperformed the previous two films at the box office, making further installments inevitable.  It has the distinction of knocking the first ‘Avengers’ out of the #1 spot.

But without Smith or even Tommy Lee Jones, Sony is going to have to find some fairly big names to take on the initials of these alien hunters.  Is Chris Pratt busy?

What do you think?  Would you be as interested in ‘Women In Black’?

Source: /Film