New rumors are hinting that Warner Brothers is aiming for more diversity in its DC Cinematic Universe ranks.  ‘Green Lantern Corps’ with John Stewart and Hal Jordan is still in the works and now comes word that WB is contemplating a ‘Teen Titans’ movie in place of the previously announced ‘Cyborg’ solo movie as well as plans to incorporate a gay super hero someplace.

We’ve known for months that WB was planning a ‘Green Lantern Corps’ team-up movie instead of another solo outing (following the 2011 flop).  As of right now, ‘GLC’ is slated for a 2020 release, which may be the first time moviegoers see a Green Lantern (or two) in the new DCCU, since there has been no word of a GL in ‘Justice League’.

The new ‘GLC’ is described as “Lethal Weapon in space” which is an appropriate comparison, as the lackadaisical Hal Jordan would probably make for an amusing foil for hardnosed ex-Marine John Stewart.  Also, ‘Lethal Weapon’ was a winning mix of action and comedy.  So far comedy is something that’s been lacking in ‘Man of Steel’ and what we’ve seen of ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’, yet is something that’s been very evident in the majority of Marvel’s movies.  Could Green Lantern’s light help lighten things up?

In other RUMOR news, word has emerged that another film due in 2020, ‘Cyborg’ may wind up evolving into ‘Titans’ or ‘Teen Titans’.  Ray Fisher debuts as Victor Stone, DC’s half-human, half-robot ace in ‘Batman V Superman’ next year and plans had previously been to eventually give him his own movie.  Cyborg originated and made a name for himself in the ‘New Teen Titans’ comic book of the 1980s, but in recent years was inserted in place of the Martian Manhunter as a founder of the ‘Justice League’ in the New 52 comics.

In animated form, ‘Teen Titans’ and ‘Teen Titans GO!’ have been hugely successful kids shows and Cyborg has been a primary member in both incarnations, which already makes him and the Titans more well-known among a certain segment of the population than a huge chunk of the DC comics roster.

There’s already been talk of Dick Grayson playing a role in ‘Justice League’ (although it is alleged to be an unseen role) and in a ‘Batman’ solo movie.  Dick, originally as Robin, then Nightwing has long been the leader of most versions of the team.  Ezra Miller, the star of ‘The Flash’ is playing Barry Allen, so that leaves the role of Wally West/Kid Flash up for grabs.

And as far as diversity, the team has boasted many strong female members, beginning with Donna Troy/Wonder Girl/Troia and including alien princess Starfire and half-demon empath Raven, who were featured on the cartoons.  African American Bumblebee had a supporting role on the first ‘Teen Titans’ cartoon and is part of the new ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ toy line which includes online animated shorts.

Current comic book Titan Bunker is a gay Latino teen, so that could fill Warner Brothers’ desire to include a gay character, although there are a few others to chose from.

Perhaps the character that would have the best shot at success is Batwoman, because of her connection to the hugely popular Batman.

The ‘Green Lantern Corps’ info is most likely pretty sound as that movie has been planned for a while now and it makes sense that WB wants to do something to differentiate this film from the 2011 flop.

As for the reports of a ‘Teen Titans’ movie and a gay lead character, that I would take with a grain of salt.  I love the Titans, but even in the comics, it’s hard to get them right.  Then again, I’m prone to believe a ‘Titans’ movie might be more appealing than a solo ‘Cyborg’ flick.

What do you think?  Would you like to see the ‘Titans’ on the big screen?  What do you  think of a gay super hero in their own movie?  Who should it be?

Source: JoBlo