doctor doom

Even though Fox might soon be owned by Marvel Studios, the company still has to remain profitable and keep their IP’s going so as to not prematurely lose the rights and that is why we’re going to get a ‘Doctor Doom‘ movie. Let’s ignore the fact that without a workable ‘Fantastic Four‘ he’ll feel as if he’s missing a vital aspect to his character. Let’s also forget that the studio has yet to give us the kind of villain who would be able to single-handedly go toe to toe with The Avengers and just remember that he’s one of the best villains Marvel has created. A solo movie might even be able to make us forget how terrible the ‘Fantastic Four’ movies have been so far.

As to a villain who could fit well into the realm of the MCU? Noah Hawley (‘Legion’) who is working on the film used ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ as inspiration for the film. I’m not quite sure how that will play out but here is what the filmmaker had to say:

“What’s interesting to me about Doom’s character is he’s the King of an Eastern European country and is there a version of this that is more of a political thriller that mixes genre?…It’s something that Captain America: The Winter Soldier did really well, which was kind of make a Cold War thriller movie out of a superhero movie. This is different than that, but it does have this idea of, and I don’t want to say too much about it, but it is a mixture of genres… the mandate is not to re-launch the Fantastic Four franchise as much as it is to take this fascinating and under-served character and really build a movie about him where we ask the question: Is he a hero? Is he a villain? What does he really want?”

I would think a film that referenced the ‘Fantastic Four’ and the ‘X-Men’ but didn’t include them could be a great building block into eventually merging Fox’s universe with Marvel Studios’. Either Doom or Reed Richards could long-term be responsible for bringing the multiverse of cinematic movie universes together into one cohesive world, and at the very least some early groundwork could be put down for that.

I’m not sure how we’ll enjoy this take, but at least Hawley knows how to create a properly done character driven story, so I’m willing to withhold judgment until we find out more.

Do you think that a ‘Doctor Doom’ movie could work? Would you want one made that functions as a stand-alone and teases the opportunity to bring together a greater world or should Fox not even be touching this character at this time? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book Movie