Fans of the Woman of Steel are going to be thrilled to find that CBS has just given its singular DC series ‘Supergirl‘ a full season order. The show was originally scheduled for 13 episodes but this extension to a full season will mean there are 7 more added on to give a full 20 episode run! This has the network giving increases to all four of its new series including ‘Life in Pieces’, ‘Limitless’, and ‘Code Black’.

What makes this news really interesting is the rumor that there might be a Supergirl and Flash crossover in the works. In fact, that rumor was made even more solid when it was stated that if CBS did order more ‘Supergirl’ episodes, it would require an appearance by The Flash and the additional episodes would center of the storyline of the 100,000 Kryptonians trapped in the city of Kandor would be restored to size and show up on Earth.

If that rumor is true, not only will we be seeing Flash showing up but quite a few new superpowered allies and enemies making their home on Earth. It sounds like we might have quite the interesting end of the first season coming up!

Let’s be honest, this is a crossover made in heaven and even though they are on different networks, it really would be fitting for fans to see. Of course, even if the crossover was small, just putting them officially in the same world would allow for small mentions on the news or in the background would make for easy and great Easter Eggs for fans. Only time will tell how that pans out.

[UPDATE: Executive Greg Berlanti was asked now that ‘Supergirl’ has an official full season pickup, does that mean fans will be seeing Grant Gustin’s Flash on the CBS show. While Berlanti does confirm discussions for a crossover, he denies reports that it will happen this season stating “not at this point.”]

Today, though, Supergirl got an additional order of seven episodes and, following a screening of The Flash/Arrow: Heroes United, this week’s two-night crossover event on The CW, Berlanti denied the reports.

“Only because we just received the pickup,” Berlanti told reporters when asked whether preliminary discussions for such a crossover had happened. “But not at this point.”

The show itself has been a hit with critics generally praising it and the episodes averages 11.24 million viewers. In its first year, the ratings are even up 46% in viewers with 40% being in the age range of 18-49 and 25% being 25-54.

Are you happy to hear that we’ll be getting more ‘Supergirl’ this season? Do you think we’ll be seeing The Flash running over from The CW to make a cameo? Share your thoughts below!

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