Fans are definitely salivating over any news they can get about the currently filming ‘Doctor Strange.’  So far, some really excellent still photos have emerged from the on-location shoot in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Yesterday, we brought you some snapshots of star Benedict Cumberbatch strolling through Bhotahiti, an outdoor market place.

Today, it looks like filming has shifted to a more mystical location, Patan Durbar Square. It would appear the Doctor is getting closer to his goal, powerful sorcerer The Ancient One played by Tilda Swinton.  After losing the use of his hands, onetime arrogant surgeon Stephen Strange journeys to the Far East in hopes of finding a cure.

First here are some more still pics:

Next, here is some intriguing video footage of director Scott Derrickson calling the shots, while Cumberbatch continues his journey… but he’s not alone!  Who is the mysterious hooded figure stalking him? Check out the footage below:

‘Ant-Man’ introduced movie fans to the Quantum Realm, essentially a parallel dimension, which will be fully exploited in ‘Doctor Strange’.

Some new buzz has emerged regarding the plot of ‘Strange’ and purportedly he film opens in Kathmandu in 1968, with a group of dark mages opening a portal between worlds.  These mystics manage to contact Kaecilius.

In the comics, Kaecilius (left) was a minor servant and messenger for Baron Mordo.  In the film, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Baron Karl Mordo, Doctor Strange’s mystical rival.  In the comics, both magic apprentices study under the tutelage of The Ancient One, but the power-hungry Mordo, jealous of Strange’s superior mastery, murders The Ancient One in an effort to steal his power for himself.

The extent of Ejiofor’s version’s role in the movie has not been fully revealed.  It was previously stated that while this Mordo is an antagonist, that he wouldn’t be the major villain.  But the presence of one of his acolytes at the beginning of the film seems to indicate otherwise.

After this excursion, the film switches to the present and establishes Strange’s skills as a surgeon as he operates on a gunshot victim.  Shortly afterward, while talking on he phone while driving, Strange has his fateful accident, which robs him of the use of his hands. Fellow surgeon, Nicodemus West (Michael Stuhlbarg) tries but fails to repair them. 

After a mysterious “encounter with magic (and sub-atomic particles),” Strange embarks on his search for The Ancient One who is compared to an urban legend. It is this sequence that is currently shooting.

Presumably, the scenes in New York will be a bit more in-depth and really get into the character’s core.  There’s no mention of Christine Palmer, Rachel McAdams’ character, but she will surely factor in early in the film. In addition, Mads Mikkelson is still rumored to be up for a villain role, although it hasn’t been revealed who.  Could he be Kaecilius?  Or are you still holding out hope for an appearance by Dormammu?

What do you think so far?  Are things shaping up for this latest Marvel epic?

Sources: Screen Rant