“Cherish those who seek the truth
But beware of those who find it.”

When you have a season premiere so relentless that a man doesn’t have time to mourn the death of his mother or girlfriend—let alone the fact that he’s a proud papa and his protégé has gone missing—there has to be a modicum of decompression built into the next one, right? If this week’s Grimm is that decompression, Nick’s going to be in for a long, long year…

The whole monster-of-the-week aspect is in full effect when the PD begins investigating the murder of Beau Childs, CEO of a small financial firm. With Nick’s mandatory leave (on the orders of Renard), Hank is temporarily paired with Detective Pogue, not the greatest combination for crime solving since Pogue knows nothing about the Wesen world. Based on the savagery of the attack, both Hank and Wu sense that something’s not right with Paul Wemlinger’s story. Wemlinger’s the one who called in the attack and—as the audience knows—is responsible for Childs’ death.  Only problem is gaining confirmation that Wemlinger is indeed a Wesen.

Rosalee and Adalind bond

Away from the blood and guts, Nick brings Adalind and baby Kelly home. The tension and uncertainty between the two is palpable though the pair don’t get a chance to work through much since Hank calls about the latest case. He brings Nick in on the sly and presses Wemlinger until he woges. Nick confirms Wemlinger’s status as Wesen—a Quijada Vil. They don’t get much of a chance to further the case as the U.S. Marshals come ‘a knocking with a warrant for Wemlinger’s alias Simon Kincaid, who’s wanted for all sorts of embezzlement. Nick tries giving the marshals a head’s-up but they ignore it. Soon after, Nick gets another stern warning from Renard, telling him to stay the hell away…at least for a while.

While Nick’s doing his thing, Adalind and Rosalee are at the house and the two have a surprisingly civil bonding experience. Adalind’s worried about quite a few things but it’s her admission of wanting to leave her Hexenbiest heritage behind that’s the shocker. “I just want a normal life,” she confides to Rosalee. They are interrupted by a pair of FBI agents, who remain at the house until Nick arrives. They duo is looking into the disappearance of Agent Chavez and believe Nick may have answers. Once they leave, Adalind starts to spazz, uncertain of her current prospects should something happen to Nick. He reassures her then, curiously, a moment passes between them, also interrupted by Hank’s call about Wemlinger’s escape from the marshals.

Nick takes Hank and Wu to the ambush site, only to find the bodies and blood removed

Nick joins the hunt—one even more curious after Hank’s discover of the four-slash sign at the scene of Wemlinger’s escape—the same slash marks Nick saw at the ambush site where Chavez was killed. The computer forensics team along with some Wu ingenuity pinpoints Wemlinger’s possible location: assistant Betty’s apartment. Wemlinger’s there all right and the trio chases him down, ending when Wu has to put a couple of slugs in the charging Wesen. They get back to the apartment to find Betty wiping all the files. “Not even a Grimm can stop what’s coming,” she declares before swan-diving out of the window, killing herself.

“Free the Hidden,” Monroe provides the group as to assistant Betty’s final words. They are no closer to information on the Uprising or how the money laundering relates. That night, Nick watches over his new family.

And then there’s Meisner, working something over in the holding cell.

“How’d it go,” the guard asks.

“Better,” Meisner replies, wiping blood from his upturned lips.

The Grimmtastic

  • Another week, another delay for Nick. With everything that’s happened, he’s yet to process the deaths of his mother and Juliette. With this new Uprising and, more importantly, the new family, Nick will probably go a little bit longer before he can properly grieve. Until that occurs, those jumbled emotions are in a precarious spot; a new baby with an attractive and evolving Adalind living with him. There is a moment the two share that hints at a possibility no one would have seen coming last year.
  • While we’re on the subject of what’s coming, we’re still no closer to discovering what this Uprising is or what it entails. On a similar note, it’s obvious Meisner is working to fight this new threat but what he’s grooming behind that steel door…it’s big, it’s bad and, based on the snippets of information, dangerous for all those involved. One has to wonder, once released, just how much collateral damage the white hats are willing to accept.