Fear not, Whovians!  Rumors of a shortened Series 10 of ‘Doctor Who’ are premature.  Earlier, the show’s current star Peter Capaldi openly vented about the grueling pace of shooting the fast-paced science fiction series, especially when the idea of an extended season– which was apparently floated by the BBC at one point– was mentioned.

“If you did the series all year there’d be casualties – and one would be its quality.  There’s a point where you can’t drive people any harder.”

It’s true Capaldi is ramping up his work behind the camera.  In addition to directing two episodes of HBO’s ‘Veep’, the actor will also helm an autobiographical movie about his years in punk band The Dreamboys which also included late night talk show host/comedian Craig Ferguson.  These outside endeavors coupled with showrunner Steven Moffat’s obligation to his other big BBC hit ‘Sherlock’ which goes back into production in April, fueled rumors that ‘Who’ would be shelved for the entire year of 2016!  Relax!  That is also not the case.

Capaldi recently sat down for an interview with the BBC and was questioned about the buzz that ‘Doctor Who’ would be truncated for Series 10, to which he flatly replied:

“Not as far as I know.  That’s not what I’ve been told. That is not what I’m contracted for.”

You can watch the video below:

The show must go on, it seems, which is certainly for the best when it comes to the show’s fans.  It’s already common knowledge that Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald, the Doctor’s current companion, is exiting the series.  (And possibly in a manner that would, er not allow for return visits, if you get my drift.)  Fans deserve some stability and the assertion that Series 10 will arrive in 2016 with Capaldi on board for a full 12-episode run should give most a sigh of relief.

Are you happy to get another full season with Capaldi’s Doctor?

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