Disney interactive has announced during a recent event in San Francisco that a new tie-in video game based on the upcoming animated film ‘Big Hero 6’ will be coming out called ‘Big Hero 6: Bot Fight.’

‘Big Hero 6: Bot Fight’ is a ‘Bejeweled’-like matching puzzle game that allows players to collect enemy robots and evolve them into stronger forms. Gameplay has players going through levels matching tiles in order to trigger attacks against enemies that appear on-screen. Once they catch other robots, players can then customize their own unique team to suit their style of strategy. Those familiar with famous mobile title ‘Puzzles & Dragons’ will definitely find many similarities between the two in terms of gameplay.

‘Big Hero 6: Bot Fight’ is looking to expand on the film’s setting, San Fransokyo (combination of San Francisco and Tokyo), by allowing players to explore its various areas and locales. The game itself is being made by Japanese mobile game development studio Gumi, creator of past titles like ‘Allen and the Dragon King’ and ‘Genjuhime Monster Princess.’

For those unfamiliar with the upcoming Disney animated film based on a Marvel property, ‘Big Hero 6’ is about a young robotics prodigy named Hiro Hamada and his lovably dorky robot called Baymax. One day, the two uncover a criminal plot and decide to take it upon themselves to assemble a team of inexperienced teenaged crime-fighters to solve the mystery behind it.

For those interested in getting a sneak peak at how ‘Big Hero 6: Bot Fight’ will play, feel free to check out the gameplay video below which features about an hour of gameplay for the upcoming title.

‘Big Hero 6: Bot Fight’ will release for Android, iOS and Windows 8 Mobile devices on November 3. ‘Big Hero 6’ will be hitting theatres worldwide on November 7.