SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses RUMORS about the solo ‘Wonder Woman’ movie which may very well wind up being SPOILERS.  Proceed with caution!

‘Batman V Superman’ has been kept under a pretty tight lid, so even with its release approaching in March, fans still don’t have a solid idea of what the movie will even be about other than… well, Superman fighting Batman.  It might be premature to worry about what’s going to be in ‘Wonder Woman’ starring Gal Gadot at this point, considering it doesn’t come out until June 23, 2018 but rumors have been flying for months now.  And it appears, from the latest reports, that a lot of what we’ve heard up to this point may actually be true.

Keep in mind, these are RUMORS so take everything with a grain of salt.

First the time frame.  The chronological setting for this movie has been the subject of conflicting reports.  One previous report stated that the film might take place during the Crimean War, but that seems to no longer be the case.  There were also rumors that it might be set during World War I.  THAT apparently is true, at least partially.  The latest news is that the bulk of the movie will be set in the present.  (Well, kinda.  More on that in a sec.)  But there will be either a flashback to WWI or a scene early in the film set during that period.

What do we mean by “kinda” set in the present?”  The BIG time-related revelation is that ‘Wonder Woman’ takes place BEFORE ‘Batman V Superman’.  Not only does the movie deliver Wonder Woman’s origin but helps establish her place in this world before the events in ‘Dawn of Justice’.

Next, the villains. As was previously rumored, it appears that Diana will indeed be facing Ares the God of War and sorceress Circe.  Back to the question of time periods, the sequence during World War I is alleged to be the first battle between Wonder Woman and Ares.  As stated, this may appear at the beginning of the movie or as a flashback later, as Diana tells Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) what they are facing as they attempt to prevent World War III!

Ares is said to appear decked out in gladiator-style armor, possibly similar to the one he wore in the comics.  (See above.)  He will also command demonic creatures with wings and horns.  However, it is said that he will be more of a behind-the-scenes string puller.

Not much is revealed about Circe except her costume will be purple and she will turn into a giant “Chimera”-like creature during the climactic battle.

It was earlier rumored that Sean Bean and Eva Green were being sought to play these villainous roles.

In addition, another rumor teases that other Gods and even Mount Olympus may appear, but in what capacity is unknown.

The Invisible Jet appears!  Well… you know what I mean.  Wonder Woman and Steve use it when they leave Paradise Island and it may factor in later.

And finally, sigh…

Freakin’ Batman.  Yep.  It’s a DC movie, so apparently there’s a mandate that Ben Affleck‘s Batman has to freakin’ show up.

Reportedly, Batman watches the final battle from afar and later introduces himself to Wonder Woman letting her know that he is aware of her existence.  Somehow, this plays into events in ‘Batman V Superman’ and therefore isn’t just a ploy to shoehorn Ben Affleck into every DC movie.

Keep in mind, these are all RUMORS for now.  These revelations may or may not be true and things that are true now may change at any point.  ‘Wonder Woman’ is slated to begin shooting in November in London, with Patty Jenkins directing based on a script by Jason Fuchs.

So far, how does this movie sound?  What else would you like to see in a ‘Wonder Woman’ solo film?

Source: JoBlo.com