We haven’t heard much about ‘The Sandman‘ adaptation since finding out that Warner Brothers is having New Line Cinema release it, but producer David Goyer shared a brief update on the film. During an interview about ‘DaVinci’s Demons’ he spent a bit of time sharing that a new writer would be involved on bringing the film to the big screen. While a draft had previously been turned in, it seems that Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s dream project will be a little further out but he has hope that filming will begin next year.

‘The Sandman’ will follow Morpheus who is a powerful Godlike being when it comes to dreams. He has had many challenges throughout his series that could be great to see adapted and a few that I’m not sure would fit in the confines of a single movie or work well for audiences. Honestly, with how much history the character has which could be fleshed out I would have preferred this announcement was one of a switch to an ongoing television series with a ‘Game of Thrones’ budget.

You can read the full transcript of Goyer’s comments below:

“We’re just about to do a new draft. All of the Vertigo properties ported over to New Line a few months ago. There was a decision from the higher-ups that New Line would focus on the Vertigo properties and Warner Bros would focus on the DC properties. So we’re just starting a re-write with a really fantastic writer that fans of your site will enjoy that’s coming aboard, but I can’t quite announce it yet.

I think that the Vertigo properties are a bit more quirky and off-center than kind of the mainstream superhero stuff at Warners. But I understand the decision because we’re not having to fight for release dates with the Vertigo stuff like we would have been having to do over at Warner Bros. But I feel confident that film will go into production hopefully next year.”

If you are more interested in hearing it directly from the man himself we’ve also included an embed of the video to watch at your leisure!

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I’m still extremely curious as to which story line they are going to attempt to adapt first to get audiences invested in the character. More importantly though I can’t wait to know which writer we’re going to be excited about being attached to the project.

Who do you hope will end up finishing writing the script for ‘The Sandman’? Do you think this is a film that will work on the big screen? Share your thoughts below.

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