‘The Flash”s Caitlin Snow, Danielle Panabaker made an appearance on the CBS chat show ‘The Talk’ on which she discussed playing the brainy scientist (Panabaker turns out to be quite a brainiac herself) and other aspects of filming the hit CW super hero saga, including her upcoming transformation into classic comic book villain Killer Frost (which you can see above).

Caitlin is, of course, one of The Flash/Barry Allen’s closest friends and trusted allies who lends her scientific know-how in helping the speedster take down the high tech criminals of Central City.  She was also the fiancée of Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) who became half of the super being Firestorm until his apparent death in the Season One finale.

In that same episode, eagle eyed viewers caught a glimpse of Caitlin as Killer Frost in the singularity as Barry seemed to journey through time and different dimensions.

In the comics, there have been four different women who have utilized the identity with Snow being the most recent.  The Snow/Frost in the comics is a heat vampire who siphons off the power of Firestorm to live.  With there being four different versions of the character to chose from, the Killer Frost played by Panabaker on ‘The Flash’ may end up being an amalgam with elements from any or even all of them.

From Panabaker’s description, it sounds as if the first version of the Frost costume might have looked a bit more like the appearance of the first two versions of the character– Crystal Frost and Louise Lincoln– who both sported shorter “pixie cut” hair styles.

You can watch all of Panabaker’s segment on ‘The Talk’ below:

Are you anxious to see this frosty new threat on ‘The Flash’?  What could happen to Caitlin to turn her against her friends?  And what will happen to her after her transformation?

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