During the Marvel Comics: Iron Man & The Avengers panel, Tom Brevoort assembled a venerable collection of top Marvel Comics talent to talk about a number of All-New All-Different Marvel books coming our way very soon. But talk turned to the 75th anniversary of Captain America and the first post-‘Secret Wars’ crossover.

Scheduled for release in Spring 2016, Marvel announced ‘Avengers: Standoff!,’ a crossover involving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes meant to “celebrate the Cap anniversary in the biggest way possible”. The storyline is set in an idyllic community called Pleasant Hill, where the Avengers teams including All-New All-Different Avengers, New Avengers, and the Ultimates will learn about its deep, dark secret. The whole thing will kick off with the one-shot ‘Standoff!: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1’, which is written by Nick Spencer with art by Jesus Saiz, and then continue in the pages of ‘Captain America’ and the various Avengers books in the same manner as the recent ‘Black Vortex’ storyline with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men.

In addition to addressing ‘Secret Wars’ being late and All-New All-Different Marvel moving on, Brevoort teased larger roles for Cloak & Dagger (specifically in Dan Slott’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’) and Gambit in the near future. And of course, they revealed some killer new art for upcoming books such as ‘Deadpool’, ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’, ‘Black Widow’, ‘Black Knight’, and ‘Uncanny Avengers’, which you can check out in this gallery:

Finally, as an awesomely hilarious way to end the panel, ‘Ant-Man’ writer Nick Spencer addressed Zack Snyder’s comments on the size-shifitng hero with a piercing comment of his own: ‘Man of Steel’ spoke for itself.’

Mic dropped.

Which of these All-New All-Different Marvel books are you most excited about? Will you be picking up ‘Avengers: Standoff!’ to celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.