With ‘The Avengers’ due in just days, fans are anxiously anticipating seeing the first comic book “super group” to make it to the big screen– all-star heroes, most of whom have already headlined their own blockbusters, coming together to combine their might to face an army from outer space and an actual evil god! However, since the movie was announced, fans have raised their eyebrows that certain members were included and others omitted.  It’s only a two-hour movie, so the team’s balance seems fine, but with the certainty of sequels already built in, I’m sure Marvel has even more heroes already locked in to appear further down the line.  Who do we want to see?

10. Doctor Strange

With a live action movie already in the works, Doctor Strange should be a shoe-in!  A cocky surgeon turned Master of the Mystic Arts, Stephen Strange’s story is about redemption… and could Tony Stark and company help him on his journey?  Strange adds a level of mysticism to the roster and his powers are flashy, so they’d look great animated on the big screen!

9. Luke Cage

Speaking of redemtion, Luke Cage was wrongly imprisoned, took part in an experiment then escaped and adopted a cover identity.  Originally a hard-luck hero, in recent years, Luke has led the Avengers, married Jessica Jones and had a baby, Danielle.  It will be interesting to see his evolution on the big screen.  But is the big screen big enough for two badasses on screen at the same time, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Luke Cage?  Let’s find out!

8. Spider-Woman

What’s the heroic version of a femme fatale? Whatever it is, Spider-Woman is the perfect example! Jessica Drew was a member of Hydra. Or was she? And an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Or was she? Her spy background makes it super easy to slot her into the movie franchise and her questionable history would surely add plenty of plot twists!

7. She-Hulk

The Hulk has kind of failed as a movie lead, so some were surprised that Marvel even included him in the movie roster, since he has never spent lengthy terms with the team. Maybe a better alternative would have been his cousin, Jennifer Walters, ace attorney and powerhouse crime fighter. She-Hulk maintains her rational personality in super mode, not to mention her sparkling, self-deprecating sense of humor!

6. The Vision

One of the most iconic Avengers ever, is the synthezoid The Vision. His moving story, his desire to understand humanity and be a part of it, would be very dramatic and emotional if handled correctly. His phasing powers would also look very cool on screen!

5. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

This brother and sister pair come as a set. First introduced alongside Hawkeye as part of Cap’s Kooky Quartet, they have both enjoyed long runs on the team. Scarlet Witch’s romance with The Vision was the centerpiece of the book for years. I guess they’d have to leave out their pasts as Magneto’s children, since Fox owns the movie rights to the X-Men, but they should still be former criminals/terrorists attempting to reform. Quicksilver’s nasty attitude would add a nice layer of conflict to the team and Wanda’s unpredictable hex bolts could cause some interesting results.

4. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers, most famous as Ms. Marvel, is about to get an upgrade, as Marvel’s new Captain Marvel! I’ll admit, I’m going to miss her most famous suit, but the new, fully-covered look, with its military influence makes her slightly more imposing and all-business. It’ll be nice to see a woman who can put Tony Stark in his place! And her military history makes her another easy fit!

3. The Black Panther

One tweak I’d make to the character, would be to make him the Prince of the exotic nation of Wakanda, rather than its King. I’ve just always found that characters that are rulers of nations have to spend almost all their time there, running their government, which doesn’t allow for a lot of time to go adventuring! By freeing him up from the crown, T’Challa is free to go all Prince Harry and travel all over the world doing charitable work… which would involve battling Baron Zemo and Klaw! The same effects used to animate Spider-Man, could be used to emulate The Black Panther’s cat-like agility.

2. Antman

Of course the real issue most fans had about the movie’s team roster, is the omission of two characters that were founding members of the comic book team. One of those was Hank Pym, a.k.a. Antman, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket and most recently The Wasp. This crack scientist could easily be depicted as working for S.H.I.E.L.D., as the Ultimate version of this character was. His shrinking ability may not seem that formidable, but they could also incorporate his growing powers, and those certainly would be a boon!

1. The Wasp

I did say there were two founders absent from the movie, didn’t I? The other is Pym’s ex-wife The Wasp. Despite her diminutive size, her powerful sting blasts pack a wallop and this intelligent, capable hero even led The Avengers for one of the longest runs in history. She’s one of the characters most closely identified as being a part of the team and fans were outraged at her exclusion! Time to rectify that, Marvel.

Did we forget your favorite Avenger? Let us know who we shamefully omitted below!