Like clockwork, each and every year during what those of us in the industry call ‘Con Season,’ all of the best cosplayers come crawling out of the woodwork to showcase the amazing costumes that they’ve spent the ‘off season’ putting together! Whether they’re a cosplay professional or just an amateur trying their hand at costume crafting, seeing all of the great new cosplays is always one of the most fun parts of a comic con.

We spent last week at the first annual ‘Great Philadelphia Comic Con,’ and we’ve showcased some of our favorite costumes for you here in case you couldn’t make it out to the con! Check them out below!

Khan Vs Kirk while power Girl watches on!





Rocket Raccoon

The Putty Patrol

Powergirl and The Huntress

Miss Martian and Zatanna


Harley Quinn

The Joker

Emmet Brickowski from ‘The Lego movie’ and Burt Macklin, FBI from ‘Parks and Rec’



ROM The Space Knight

Future Foundation Spiderman

Autobot Cosmos

Rita Repulsa and Gordon Freeman

Raven and Starfire

Mr. Incredible

Lollipop Chainsaw and Elizabeth from ‘Bioshock Infinite’

  Martha Jones

Lady Blackhawk, Constantine, and Taskmaster

The Green Power Ranger


A Ghostbuster and Finn The Human

The Governor from ‘The Walking Dead’

Samurai Darth Vader

Dark Pheonix






Kraven The Hunter

Master Chief

That does it for Part One of our Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2015 Cosplay coverage! Be sure to stay tuned to for Part 2 of our Great Philadelphia Comic Con Cosplay gallery! Not to mention our other Great Philadelphia Comic Con coverage!