Continuing the hype leading up to the release of ‘Jessica Jones‘ on NETFLIX next month, Marvel has produced a comic that takes place in the MCU, that features the first time we can see Jessica in action, and also shows how and when Jessica first learned of Daredevil’s actions in Hell’s Kitchen. The comic was produced by the creative team that made the outstanding Jones comic ‘Alias’ based in 2001 (which sources say the show is borrowing heavily from), with the writing being done by the legendary Brian Michael Bendis (‘Powers’), with Michael Gaydos doing the illustrations and David Mack creating artwork for the cover.

The story within the comic (which you can download for free from ComiXology or Marvel’s digital comic store) lets us see Jessica for the first time in action (aside from the teaser trailers already released, where we have yet to even see her face). During the story she meets Turk, a crook who appeared in Netflix’s ‘Daredevil,’ who will be the one to inform Jessica about Daredevil and his quest to clean up Hell’s Kitchen, a quest which Jessica approves of.

Here’s the intro to the comic from Bendis himself:


I am so excited to give to you. a BRAND NEW JESSICA JONES comic FOR FREE.

by myself, michael gaydos and david mack.

it is in the marvel tv universe and it celebrates the new show and the connective tissue that will build between the series.

and a big THANK YOU to all of you for your support, excitement and enthusiasm for jessica and everything else.


pass it forward.”

Make sure to check out the free comic, and then let us know your thoughts on Jessica Jones so far. Then, make sure to mark your calendar for the November 20th release of the hyped series, and check back here for a full recap the following week!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter