Throughout the summer, the WWE Universe got a taste of the DC Universe as worlds collided when ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell engaged in a feud with WWE Superstar Stardust. This culminated in a match at WWE Summerslam in Brooklyn that saw the in ring debut of the actor as he teamed with Neville against the Prince of Dark Matter and King Barrett. Compared to other music, television, or film personalities that have entered the square circle in the past, Amell did a phenomenal job in his match and even executed some next level high risk maneuvers to score the win. But with such an excellent showing in his first appearance as a professional wrestler, could we see more of that in the future when he isn’t defending Star City or running around with mutated martial artist turtles?

Now that WWE is preparing for their next pay per view special Night of Champions, which will see the vigilante Sting challenge the architect Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the feud between the Man That Gravity Forgot and the former Cody Rhodes seems to be continuing despite Neville and Amell’s decisive victory at the company’s biggest event of the summer. And though the Green Arrow won’t be there on a weekly basis to stand beside the Master of the Red Arrow (as far as we know), he recently noted on Twitter that he’s still ready to take on Stardust again if he needs to. Check out the tweets between the bizarre superstar and the ‘Arrow’ star from late last week:

Due to the reaction to Amell’s in ring performance, there has been talk that the WWE would call him in again. As these tweets hint, could it be for a one on one match with Stardust? While many probably hope so, I’m predicting that one of two things may happen. First, Amell may return to guest host or guest star on another episode of Monday Night Raw when ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ comes out. We could see an altercation there, but it likely won’t end clean so as to protect Amell.

But the other scenario could see Amell as an entrant in the annual Royal Rumble match. The 30-man over the top battle royal determines who will headline Wrestlemania, but it’s also known for the many surprises. From returning legends to unreal gravity-defying spots, anything could happen in the Royal Rumble match, including a rematch between Stephen Amell and Stardust. Having the confrontation in this manner would mean that the actor wouldn’t have to go through the motions of a whole match and if thing look like he can’t hang anymore (which isn’t likely because, well, look at him), another superstar would enter the ring in two minutes anyway.

No matter how it happens, there is no doubt that people would love to see Stephen Amell in World Wrestling Entertainment again at some point in the future. At least, I’m sure that they’d rather see him than Snooki or Kevin Federline again. And based on the backstage talk from dirt sheets, it’s not a matter of if, it’s when. Hopefully the star behind Oliver Queen can fit it in his busy schedule in between keeping the DC CW-verse safe from harm. So until the Green Arrow returns to the WWE Universe, check out highlights from his Summerslam match below and let us know if you want to see Stephen Amell in the squared circle one more time in the comment section.

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