Today we’ve got two fun tidbits on Fox’s upcoming ‘The X-Files‘ revival as Joel McHale (‘Community,”Ted’) joins the cast and Executive Producer Glen Morgan shares a couple of pre-production photos!

With Mulder and Scully set to return to television early next year, this is the first piece of new casting that we’ve heard for the series. After an 8 year absence since the 2008 release of  ‘The X-Files: I Want to Believe’ and 13 years since last on the small screen, we’ve been dying to know any new details about this six episode run. The truth might be out there but we’ve got a few new truths to share with you today!

First up, McHale as mentioned above is joining the cast as a guest star in the upcoming series. On the show he’ll be playing Tad O’Malley who is described as “the anchor of a popular conservative Internet news network who becomes an unlikely ally for Mulder.” As a conservative news anchor sounds like the last person who would be believing in aliens or any of the conspiracies that Mulder tends to work on so you almost have to suspect that O’Malley must encounter something first hand to end up not only helping Mulder but becoming his ally.

Of course casting isn’t all we have to share with you as I mentioned above Morgan has some great tweets to share. The tweets are of a welcome binder for the series as well as a few props located in the transport office for the show.

While those props aren’t moving me to tears as the initial script did for David Duchovny, I am extremely excited for next January when the show premieres.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The X-Files’? Do you think that McHale will be a good addition to the cast? Share your thoughts below!

‘The X-Files’ will return to Fox on Sunday January 24th, 2016

Sources: Digital Spy