Andrew Garfield, in many ways, got the short end of the stick during his stint as Spider-Man. While the first ‘Amazing Spider-Man‘ film had merit, the second film felt rushed, overburdened with characters, and suffered from some of the worst writing of the franchise. And while he did the best he could with the material, and many of us still consider him to be a great Spider-Man (my issue was always his portrayal of Peter Parker, not the wall-crawler), when Marvel and Sony made their historic deal to join forces and put Spider-Man into the MCU, Garfield was not asked to come along. When asked about his time as Spider-Man and his feelings toward seeing a new actor take on the role, Garfield had the following to say:

“I’m really, really grateful for the whole ride of it. And I’m really excited for the next one…And I’ve been petitioning to hook up with Marvel since the beginning, so I’m really glad they’re finally doing it.”

When asked about whether or not he ever spoke with Marvel about continuing on as Peter Parker, Garfield replied:

“No. To be honest [pauses], all the ins and outs of what happened is a more tender conversation that maybe I don’t want to talk about in public in a press situation. But all I can say is that I’m stoked to go and watch a Marvel film of Spider-Man.”

Finally, when asked about what ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ would have been like, Garfield had the most to say:

“I was actually starting to workshop ideas with Alex Kurtzman, who was going to be writing it. We thought to kind of start from the base level, the foundational level of where have we left Peter and where do we want to see him go and what’s logical. And how do we build upon where we left off with this deep, desperate moment with Gwen? So, yeah, we got to some pretty heavy places and I was really excited to kind of explore it and be involved on the ground level like that. But, anyway, it wasn’t meant to be. As I say, I’m just really excited that I get to watch.”

Who knows? Sony might have saved the franchise with a third entry to the franchise with a story similar to what Garfield is pitching, but I know there are a lot of fans (including myself) who are far more excited to see Spidey as part of the MCU, able to battle with and alongside the other MCU heroes. After all this time, what are your thoughts on Andrew Garfield losing the Spidey mantle? Should he have been brought over to the MCU? Share your opinions on the matter below!

Source: Uproxx