Witchy spoilers ahead!

Cassie is still pining for Adam, but he is acting weird and squirrely.  She hasn’t told anyone that the elixir didn’t work on her.  I feel bad for Cassie – she’s that girl we all know who invests all of her time and attention in the guy she’s dating, alienating all of her girlfriends, and then when they break up she has no one to talk to or spend time with.

Faye, not the best confidante Cassie could ask for.

We see Eben and his men chasing a mysterious blonde boy through the woods into Chance Harbor.  In town, Blackwell visits Cassie and invites her to go mini-golfing to spend time together as father and daughter.  He is clumsy and charmingly awkward.  I can’t decide if we can trust him or not, but this is a sweet moment between a dad and the teenager he wants to know better.

Grant returns to town, which I would be more excited about if I didn’t think he had “bad news” written all over his forehead.  He asks Diana out on a date, which she accepts.  He takes her ice skating and promises to take her anywhere she wants to go on his boat, then invites her back to said boat for some hot chocolate, which is clearly code for sex.  Diana politely refuses.

The kid from the woods pays Jake a visit.  Cassie sees them struggling from her window and runs in – does no one lock their doors in this town?  There are witch hunters around.  It might be a good idea.  The kid turns out to be Samuel, a witch hunter who served with Jake. (See?  Witch hunters everywhere and nary a locked door in sight.)  He wants to talk to Blackwell and claims to be on the run from Eben, who is resurrecting demons.

Melissa and Faye get googly-eyed over a hockey player while helping Adam wait tables at a hockey banquet.  They take turns impressing him, Melissa with her hockey knowledge and Faye with her dart-throwing skills.  Each girl is helped along by Adam’s magic.

Adam, all broody and dreamy

Cassie and Jake call Blackwell to the house.  He confronts Samuel, who is tied up in the kitchen.  Eben is using demons and working with a witch to steal the Circle’s power.  He wants to summon the demons at Harbor Woods, which Blackwell tried to do 16 years ago.  Cassie overhears Samuel describe the summoning ritual, which involves killing a mortal.  Blackwell tells Jake and Cassie he didn’t kill anyone, he just used his Balcoin blood.  He summoned demons to protect his Circle but they tried to take it over.  Cassie’s mother was able to stop them.  Samuel is Eben’s intended sacrifice.  They need to seal the ground so the demons can’t be summoned.  When are these kids going to get anything normal done, like homework or chores?

The hockey player’s girlfriend shows up, and Adam confronts him for flirting with Melissa and Faye all night.  Adam is overly angry and punches are thrown.  As he calms down, he shares that he misses the feeling that things were perfect with Cassie, and he’s trying to remember it.  Melissa says remembering is the worst part.  They’re a sad trio, each thinking about the lost loves of their lives until Cassie calls and summons them to the abandoned house.  Jake goes to meet them while Cassie searches for Diana.  She has gone down to Grant’s boat, but it turns out he’s just a crew member and not the owner.  She’s angry that he lied and stalks off.

Blackwell and Samuel head into the woods.  Blackwell sent the Circle to the house so they would be out of harm’s way.  We see a demon worm crawling under the skin of Samuel’s hand.  Uh oh!  Someone’s possessed already!

Cassie finds Diana, who is in quite a sour mood and calls Cassie a drama queen.  I hate to admit it, but I’m on Diana’s side here.  Remember when being witches just meant making it rain or opening all the lockers in a hallway at once?  Now every day is another catastrophe.  The Circle joins up, but when Blackwell isn’t there they realize he’s gone to handle the demons himself and race to find him.

Blackwell draws symbols in the dirt around Samuel that demons can’t cross, trapping him.  He knows that there’s a demon inside Samuel and Eben already sacrificed him.  The circle is supposed to draw the demon out of Samuel and send it back to the abyss, but suddenly Eben shows up.  He wants to use the demons to kill every witch on Earth.  Eben cuts his hand and starts chanting.  (Not good!)  The group arrives.  Jake accidentally frees Samuel from the spell circle by breaking the line on the ground.  Cassie tries to get the demon out and Samuel chokes her.  Blackwell distracts the demon, promising him power and showing him the symbol cut into his palm.  Somehow he is able to set the demon alight with the symbol – it seems Blackwell  hasn’t lost his magic after all.  The demon explodes.  Eben finishes his ritual and staggers away, now more powerful than all of them.

The gang returns to the abandoned house, tired and defeated.  Blackwell gives a stirring speech about fighting back against the witch hunters.  Each of their families has its own crystal.  If they are fitted together, they’ll become powerful enough to fight Eben.

Grant is waiting for Diana at her house.  She walks past him, but he calls out that he lied to impress her.  She agrees to give him one more day to prove himself to her.  Adam tells Cassie that nothing matters but focusing on their enemies.  She nearly chokes on the words “you’re right.”  She wants their relationship back, but Adam is determined to channel his energy elsewhere.

The last scene is Blackwell digging at the demon site and unearthing a casket with a skeleton in it.  I guess he sacrificed a mortal after all.

Can Blackwell be trusted?  His character keeps flipping from bad to good and back again – so much so that it’s hard to keep track.  Is he just trying to pull Cassie into dark magic?  What is his endgame?  And who was his sacrifice sixteen years ago?

We’ll have to wait until the middle of April to get any answers, but in the meantime, what are all of you out there thinking?

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