A few weeks back, the rumored cast of characters that will be fleshing out the team of Teen Titans on the upcoming TNT live action television series adaptation, ‘Titans’, was revealed! While some names on the list made the fan base very happy, a few others left people a little confused and upset. With only six available slots on the team, there were bound to be people let down by some of the characters that were chosen for the series. The real question is, who else really could have done well on the team for this series? Who might we see join the team further down the line? Which comic book ’Teen Titans’ members would you have rather seen in the series than some of the characters we got? We’re giving you our Top Fifteen Teen Titans we want to see on the show when it finally hit’s the small screen!

For times sake, we have left off any ‘Teen Titans’ team members that have officially been confirmed for the show already; so Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Batgirl, Hawk and Dove are all off the list!  Check out our picks below, and be sure to let us know who you would want to see on the team in our comments section below!

 #15- Flamebird

For those of you who don’t know who Flamebird is, you’re really missing out! That’s why we feel like she’d be a great addition to the cast of ‘Titans.’ Flamebird, also known as Bette Kane under the mask, is essentially a normal, powerless girl who one day decided to train herself, don a mask, and fight crime! Why would she do this? Because she had seen Robin on television and developed a bit of a crush. What better way to catch your hero’s eye than to suit up yourself and show him what a great pair you would be, fighting crime together?

While she’s got decent marital arts abilities, Flamebird is ultimately a bit of a failure, and is not very good at being a superhero. She relies heavily on her gadgets and teammates to save herself from trouble, and that’s what makes us feel like she’d be an excellent fit for this series based around a team of young heroes. She’s an easy way in for the audience, someone that we can all relate to and look to as we watch her grow into the hero she’s meant to become. In the comics, Flamebird eventually does become a bit of a badass, and I think that’s the kind of person we can all root for!

#14- Bumblebee

Bumblebee is another really fun character! Karen Beechers powers are also non-existent, but she’s got a sweet super-suit to make up for it! Bumblebee’s solar powered suit allows her to shrink to a tiny insect-like size, and also grants her the ability to fly and shoot sonic beams and electrical ‘bee-stings’ from her hands! Her suit also boost he natural strength, speed, stamina, and endurance, making her quite a formidable fighter in combat!

On top of being overall a great character, Bumblebee also brings something else to the team- some much needed diversity! Unless TNT plans to cast any character’s on the series outside of the race of their comic book counterparts (which is entirely possible still, as several other DC shows and films have done this already), it’s team is made up of an almost entirely white cast of characters once you look past the bright-orange skinned Starfire. Bumblebee is an awesome character in her own right, so while she would add something new to the group, she also wouldn’t seem like the ‘token’ character.

#13- Guardian / Herald

While we’re already on the subject, how about another of DC’s first African-American superheroes? Mal Duncan, aka Guardian (and Herald, AND Vox), is another character who would easily be a great choice for a team of live action Titans. His power set started out as ‘he is a good, strong, fighter’, then turned into ‘he has an exoskeleton that gives his super strength’, and eventually he was given artificial lungs and an artificial voice box, so he could control hypersonic sound! These later powers allow him to create hypersonic blasts, which would be pretty cool to see!

Mal also happens to be the longtime boyfriend (and eventual husband) of Bumblebee, so the two of them would work great as a pair to feature on the show. It seems unlikely that we’ll be seeing them at this point, but the two of them together are a force to be reckoned with! We can only hope that they pop up at some point if the series lasts.

#12- Jericho

Straight out of the gate, it’s easy to say we probably won’t be seeing Jericho on this show; which is a damn shame! Jericho is another classic Titans team member with an incredibly unique power set that would be relatively cheap to use on screen. Once Jericho makes eye contact with a person, he can jump into their body and possess them! This gives Jericho complete control over their body, including any meta human powers they might have! It also gives him access to their memories, which makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Like we mention before, we likely won’t be seeing Jericho popping up in this show because of his character’s backstory. His father is an extremely well known Titans villain that most of you will probably recognize- Slade Wilson. That’s right, Deathstroke the Terminator is Jericho’s father! Sadly, Deathstroke is pretty well tied up on one of DC’s other live action shows that you might’ve heard of called ‘Arrow’, so it’s unlikely that either of them will be showing up on ‘Titans’. It feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth knowing that the Titan’s greatest arch-enemy is off on another television show as the lead villain, but maybe we’ll luck out and this series will either cross over with ‘Arrow’ or perhaps even get it’s own version of Slade!

#11- Blue Beetle

There have been a few versions of the Blue Beetle over the years, but the most recent version, Hispanic teen Jaime Reyes, would make a great addition to the ‘Teen Titans’ ensemble. His version of the Blue Beetle costume is a transforming living armored suit that grants him super strength, flight, and has various alien weaponry built right into the suit itself! It also features the ability to translate alien languages, which would no doubt be helpful if the Titans went on a more global mission.

One of the more interesting aspects of Jaime and his suit, is that it is permanently attached to him via the ‘Scarab’ that is fused to his spine. It can shrink down within the Scarab to make Jaime appear normal, but it’s still always going to be there. As we mention before, the suit is ‘alive’, and one other factor of that is that is talks to Jaime directly in his head. Beyond adding some additional diversity to the team, Blue Beetle is also a beast in any combat situation, so he would be an excellent choice for this team!

#10- Kid Devil / Red Devil

If you’re looking for a poster child for marketing, Kid Devil is an easy enough sell! Bright red burning hot skin, long messy hair, a set of horns, and the ability to breathe fire? The merchandising people at Hot Topic would have a field day! Eddie Bloomberg started off innocently enough as a kid in Hollywood looking to make a name for himself. Long story short, Eddie sells his soul to a Demon in what he feels is a ‘fair trade’, so his new demonic powers. Over time he outgrew the name ‘Kid Devil’ and took up ‘Red Devil’ as his title.

If you’ve read the ‘Teen Titans’ issues that actually featured Eddie as a member of the team, you’ll know immediately why he’s on this list. He’s a really great character that only wants to prove to himself and his team that he has a right to be there on the team. While his powers are similar in tone to Raven (teleportation, healing) and Starfire (superhuman strength, the ability to breathe fire), Eddie is a character with a lot of heart that could add something really special to this show.

#9- Terra

Terra is kind of a mixed bag here, as she’s the kind of character that you love to hate. Terra has “geokinesis”, which is the ability to control earth and all earthly substances. So basically, she can cause earthquakes and also control rocks and such, which makes for some pretty cool powers really!

Terra is also infamous for having been a betrayer of the Titans, being a member of the team while secretly working for Deathstroke. It’s this that makes her a much more interesting character, as she would be someone to watch throughout the series as she plots her every move, gaining the trust of the team only to betray them all to their enemies. I think it’d be even better if they played up what a sweetheart she was only to have her turn on them all in a major plot twist for people who haven’t read the books. It makes her a bit of a tragic character, but really just sort of an asshole. People would love her.

#8- Bunker

Miguel Jose Barragan may not have been around for very long in the comics, but Bunker has certainly earned a spot amongst some of the best original characters in ‘Titans’ history! Easily the best thing to come out of DC’s ‘New 52 Teen Titans’ series, Bunker can create bricks out of pure energy, and use those bricks to build or create just about anything! Imagine the powers used by Green Lantern, except everything is made of bricks and there isn’t any ring involved! The sky really is the limit here! Bunker would also bring a breadth of diversity to the show, as he is both Hispanic and pretty flamboyantly homosexual. One of the best things about Bunker is that his sexuality isn’t played up as a gimmick, but rather flows naturally as a part of his character personality. With the way his character has been written, he feels like one of the most natural and realistic renditions of a homosexual character in comics- or at least as realistic as you can get when superpowers are involved! Bunker is a great character example that shows people that it’s okay to be different, as long as you are true to yourself!

Sadly, due to the scale and scope of his powers, we aren’t likely to see Bunker pop up on the live action Teen Titans series anytime soon outside of a potential guest spot. His powers would have to be done using CGI effects pretty consistently, which would hit production costs like a ton of bricks! Purple CGI bricks, that is.

#7- Tempest / Aqualad / Lagoon Boy

While the character has been considered a bit of a joke for years now, when the original Teen Titans team was formed, Aqualad was on the front lines. Since then the original Aqualad, Garth, has moved on from the role to become the superhero Tempest, and a new young hero named Kaldur’ahm has stepped into the role. Both Aqualad’s feature similar basic skill sets like super strength, speed, and agility, but their actual powers are pretty different. Tempest is more based in magic now, while Kaldur has the ability to control and weaponize water. Either one would be a great addition to the team, although Kaldur would certainly add some more interesting plot developments considering his characters back story (but I’ll let you find out more on that one on your own!).

Even aside from Aqualad himself, there’s a third Atlantean teen hero in the DC Universe! He’s quite a bit different looking, but how much fun would it be to see Lagoon Boy in live action? The guy looks like a pip-squeak version of the Creature From The Black Lagoon! Until he’s ready to fight, that is; that’s when he turns into a hulking mass of muscles to take down his enemies! Lagoon Boy is pretty much a no-go automatically due to the amount it would cost to do that CGI or makeup every week.

#6- Wonder Girl / Troia

Of course, what kind of team would the Teen Titans be without founding member Wonder Girl? Whether it be the original, Donna Troy, or the more recent Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl would be a fantastic addition to the team! Bother versions share basically the same powers of super strength, so either one could hold their own in a fight. Either version of Wonder Girl is pretty much the definition of “strong female character”, and that would make her a great addition to the team. Yes, admittedly, the live action Teen Titans series is already set to feature several strong female characters, but none of them carry quite the same weight as Wonder Girl.

I think there’s a decent chance at Wonder Girl turning up on this series at some point; or at least a better chance than most characters. Her power set wouldn’t be too difficult to pull off onscreen, and she’s definitely one of the more high profile characters that people would want to see! The only real potential problem here would be whether Warner Brothers will let them use the character or not since she is so closely tied to one of the “Big Three” heroes, but considering we are getting Nightwing in this series, it’d be a shame to not see Wonder Girl over something like that.

#5- Static

Virgil Hawkins, aka Static, would be probably one of the coolest additions possible to the team. Virgil is an urban teen who gained electricity based powers during an chemical incident. While we’re sure you’re tired of hearing this by now, but Static would seriously add some much needed diversity to this team! Seriously, we’ve got a cast or primarily white characters (and orange, in Starfire’s case), and Static is a really energetic character with a lot of personality to add something truly special to this team.

We’ll flat out call it right now- we aren’t going to be seeing Static on this series. Last year Warner Brothers announced that the character will be starring in his very own live action series that will be available online! So unless they intend to cross that series over with this new ‘Titans’ series, it’s highly unlikely we will be seeing him appear at all.

#4- Arsenal / Red Arrow / Speedy

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “but we DO have Roy Harper! He’s on ‘Arrow’ every week as Arsenal!”. And that is great! But we’d still love to see him pop up on Titans. If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say you’ve checked out ‘Arrow’ a few times and have a general idea who Roy Harper is; so you can probably understand why we would love to see him on this series! Maybe TNT and The CW will workout some kind of crossover deal like they are with CBS for Supergirl and we can have one giant cohesive TV DC Universe? Roy was one of the original Teen Titans team members in the comics after all! Only time will tell on this one.

Alternatively to Roy, there’s always the chance we could see Mia Dearden, the female Speedy that first popped up in the comics around the early 2000’s. She also kinda-sorta exists on ‘Arrow’, as Ollie’s kid sister ‘Thea Dearden Queen’ (who goes by the nickname ‘Speedy’), so she also seems like a character who is off the table.

#3- Kid Flash / Impulse / Jesse Quick

While everyone is still quickly falling in love with the scarlet speedster Barry Allen on The CW’s ‘The Flash’ live action series, we’re still holding out hope on seeing his teen counterpart Kid Flash! While the original Kid Flash, Wally West, has already appeared as a regular civilian on ‘The Flash’ already, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see one of the other iterations of Kid Flash like Bart Allen, aka Impulse!

All of the speedster characters that are tapped into the speed force have the same power sets, some are just better trained than others at using them, so it wouldn’t be too impossible to imagine one of the Kid Flash characters like Impulse or even Jesse Quick jumping into this series! Much like The Flash himself, Kid Flash is constantly seen as the heart of the team. He’s loyal, extremely outgoing, and is the obvious choice when it comes to comic relief! This is another one where we really hope that TNT and The CW can work out a deal to crossover some characters for a cohesive universe!

#2- Cyborg

It shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to see Vic Stone make the top of this list! Vic got his start as a member of the Teen Titans, and has since moved up and on to greener pastures as a member of The Justice League! We’re sure you’re well aware, but Vic is better known as the superhero Cyborg- which works out pretty much exactly as you would expect for his powerset. The dude is half man, half machine, and 100% hero. We’ve seen ABC do something similar enough with their interpretation of ‘Deathlok’ on Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’, so why not have Cyborg show up here? He’s the cybernetic man with the heart of gold, and would be one of the best conceivable choices for an addition to the team!

While we are expecting his role in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ film to squash any chances of Cyborg appearing in this television series, there isn’t really any reason why he shouldn’t be able to appear in both! Let’s just hope Warner Brothers let him show up! Cyborg is one of the single most iconic members of the Teen Titans, it’d be a shame if we couldn’t find a way to include him here.

#1- Beast Boy

And then it was down to one! Our first pick for this list of amazing Teen Titans characters that we would like to see featured in the upcoming live action television series is long time fan favorite Beast Boy! Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy, is a green skinned teenager with the ability to shapeshift into the form of any animal he can think up! While Gar first appeared as a member of The Doom Patrol, he didn’t really hit his stride until his days as a Titan! He’s one of the few “missing pieces” from this live action series lineup, and we would love to see him join up!

That said, if we do get Beast Boy at all, it will most likely just be a cameo appearance rather than a starring role. His ability to shapeshift into any animal imaginable would look amazing in live action, but would blow this series budget way out of proportion! While it would be amazing to get this fun loving fan favorite character on the screen, he would be a pretty tough sell unless he barely ever used his abilities, which would defeat so much of Beast Boy’s purpose. Gar has such an extensive longstanding history with most of the characters already officially announced for the series, so he would probably be the single greatest addition they could make to this cast.

Regardless of who makes the cut for this live action take on the Teen Titans, it’s safe to say we’re all pretty excited to see how things turn out! What do you think of our picks for the Top 15 Teen Titans we want to see? Did your favorites make the cut? Let us know in the comments below!