Looks like the producers of ‘American Horror Story’ may not be finished filling up the asylum as they have just added another cast member! TV Line is reporting that ‘Skins’ actress Britne Oldford has just signed on in a reoccurring role for the series.

While a description of Oldford’s role was not available, we do know that her character’s name is Alma.  It’s no secret that the setting of Season 2 is at an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange’s character, we could surmise that she will probably be a patient at the facility. We even tried to find out more about her role through the casting sheet that came out a month ago but all it says is that Alma is in her mid-20s, African American and beautiful.

Filming should be starting sometime next month so hopefully more will be known about everyone’s roles soon. I’m curious to see where Oldford’s role fits in with the sexy tone of the season with Joseph Fiennes as the object of Lange’s affection, Chloe Sevigny as a nymphomaniac, Adam Levine as one of “The Lovers,” and Lizzie Brochere as a “ferocious wild child sexpot.”

Even though we know that returning members Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe will be playing roles contrary in personality than what we saw them in Season 1, will they be polar opposites than the recent guest stars that have been cast? Producer/creator Ryan Murphy has stated that the theme for Season 2 will be about sanity and so far it will take all my sanity to try and follow all this when the series returns in October!

So what are your thoughts of the casting for Season 2 so far?