NetherRealm Studios has released new information on Kitana’s fighting variations for their upcoming game ‘Mortal Kombat X,’ along with a video so fans can see those variations in action. The three variations are called Royal Storm, Assassin, and Mournfal, each of which having their own move sets and advantages.

Jade fans may be disappointed to hear that she will not be making an appearance in this installment, but to make up for her absence they have based one of Kitana’s fighting variations, Mournfal, off of Jade. As Jade’s best friend, while in Mournfal mode Kitana uses Jade’s glaive and staff.

Here is a layout of the three fighting styles described in depth by Mortal Kombat X’s Facebook page:

  • Royal Storm – In her Royal Storm Variation, Kitana deploys her regal stature defensively. Kitana is able to utilize her Square Wave while airborne to escape dangerous situations and gains a reflect that bounces projectiles back to her opponent. Her Fan Lift also generates a tornado of energy that travels across the ground, allowing Kitana to lift and suspend her opponent from a great distance.
  • Assassin – The Assassin Variation allows Kitana to tap into her training at Shao Kahn’s hand, turning her into a vicious pushdown kombatant. Assassin Kitana gains a parry that triggers a series of brutal backstabs to the opponent and can sharpen her bladed fans to increase their damage. She is also able to utilize her training as an assassin to quickly cover distance and acrobatically attack her victim with her Assassin Rush.
  • Mournfal – Mournful Kitana honors Jade, her fallen best friend, by wielding her weaponry. Employing the weapons of the deceased master assassin, Mournful Kitana can throw her glaive in multiple directions from the ground or while airborne. She can guide her glaive while in flight to further confuse her opponent. Kitana also gains access to the extendable staff, allowing the use of klassic Jade special attacks.

Previously, some of Kitana’s gameplay was shown off alongside Reptile’s in a Twitch stream hosted by some members of the NetherRealm staff. In that live stream they showed off Reptile’s three fighting variations: Deception, Nimble, and Noxious.

Finally, here is the newest video for Kitana in which you can see her fighting variations played out:

‘Mortal Kombat X’ will be release on April 14th of this year on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.