Electronic Arts has announced that they will be debuting the new ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ reboot at the ‘Star Wars’ Celebration event next month.

Taking place in Anaheim, CA, ‘Star Wars’ Celebration will be running through April 16-19. However, EA did not clarify which day they would be presenting details about ‘Star Wars: Battlefront.’

According to a post on the EA Games ‘Star Wars’ site, it appears the publisher is looking forward to finally showing off more of the game.

“It seems like such a long time ago (at an E3 press conference far, far away) since we announced we were working on Star Wars Battlefront. Last year, we promised you would “See More in Spring 2015”. Spring is coming,” EA stated.

The publisher commented further: “We could not think of a better or more appropriate place to debut the game officially for the first time than the premier event that celebrates the Star Wars universe and the legions of fans who have fallen in love with it.”

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ is a first person shooter being developed by DICE, a Swedish game studio known mostly for their work on the ‘Battlefield’ franchise. As stated, the game was first acknowledged to be in development by DICE during E3 2013, but besides its initial teaser trailer, very little has been announced about the game.

Most gamers will recognize the ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ series from its earlier installments developed by Pandemic Studios back when LucasArts still published ‘Star Wars’ titles. With no new entry in the series for quite some time and LucasArts since closed down, the ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ reboot marks the first new entry in the series since 2005.

“We’ll have more information in the coming weeks,” EA concluded in their post.

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC sometime during holidays 2015 alongside ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’.

Source: EA Games ‘Star Wars’ site