It’s time to add a new sensory experience to your tabletop roleplaying game. Immerse yourself in the RPG world you play in with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s new series of RPG character fragrances and atomospheric room sprays. Yes, you can smell like a half elf mage and you can transform the dining room into a misty forest.

Not familiar with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL)? The company creates intricate, wearable pieces of art. Their blended perfume oils are so much more than scents. They are memories, stories, and experiences in a bottle. Click the above link and I guarantee you’ll be browsing their site until you have to tear yourself away because a surprising amount of time has passed. There are blends for everyone (women and men), and each one is accompanied by an enticing description. Some perfume oils are based on cities, some are based on books, and some are based on holidays.

The roleplaying line takes inspiration from the multi-faceted world of tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. When you build your character, you typically choose class, race, and alignment. You can layer BPAL’s scents to match your choices. I usually play a rogue elf with chaotic good alignment. I could take the bottles for each of those components (four scents) and layer them on my wrist, building up my character. It’s a new way to go through a pen and paper RPG campaign. To complete the mood, you can spritz the Unspeakably Evil Temple blend around the room. As a GM, consider using the room sprays at key moments in the game. Describe the surroundings, have the players close their eyes, and add in the atomospheric room spray. Sure, it might be a bit of a dramatic flair, but it’s memorable.