For some of you, this may be the most wonderful time of year. September seems full of promise as network and cable TV embark on the premieres their new fall lineup. New TV shows are ready to enter the rat race of becoming the next pop culture phenomenon. While every new show may not survive, there are plenty of premieres that are currently whetting the appetites of many science fiction and genre fans.

Remember, this is a list of the shows that are due to premiere this Fall. So, even though we’re extremely excited for Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ (due to premiere in January 2015), ‘Daredevil’ (due in May 2015) and ‘iZombie (due to premiere midseason), we’re going to stick to the new TV shows that will be debuting in the next couple months.


‘Gotham’ has been honored with being the fall’s most anticipated new show. Netflix already offered $1.75 million per episode to stream the show once the season is concluded. Though its draw may come in its featuring of pre-Batman, baby Catwoman, baby Poison Ivy and other DC villains as babies (okay, pre-teens and older), the story follows war hero-turned-detective James Gordon as he encounters the corruption that has infiltrated the streets of Gotham. (Premieres Monday, September 22 on Fox.)

Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories

We found it necessary to include the latest incarnation from the comic masterminds behind ‘Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’. This Adult Swim series brought to us by Tim Heidecker and Eric Warehiem promises to be a nod to ‘The Twilight Zone,’ featuring a new nightmare every week. The show will also include a bunch of awesome guest stars including John C. Reilly, Bob Odenkirk, Jason Schwartzman and Zach Galifianakis. Get ready to get weird. (Premieres Thursday, September 18 on Cartoon Network.)

American Horror Story: Freak Show

FX has officially confirmed that Pepper, the microcephalic from ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ will be returning for the latest incarnation of the anthology series, ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’. Many of our favorite cast members will be returning as a bearded lady, two-headed human, three-breasted woman, and other people boasting genetic anomalies. Plus, Patti LaBelle will be appearing in four episodes. We’re ready to see just how bizarre Lady Marmalade can get! (Premieres Wednesday, October 8 on FX.)


Yes, the show feels a little formulaic and a bit less gritty than ‘Arrow’ and presumably ‘Gotham’, but, gosh darn it, lead actor Grant Gustin was so endearing as Barry Allen during his arc on ‘Arrow’ last season, we just have to tune in! Producer Andrew Kreisberg recently stated that they would love to bring back as many cast members from the original show as possible. John Wesley Shipp, who played the original Flash, has been cast as Allen’s father, Henry. (Premieres Tuesday, October 7 on the CW.)


‘Battlestar Galactica’ actress Tricia Helfer returns to space in this Syfy 6-hour miniseries. ‘Ascension’ is an alternative reality show where the US actually went forward with a plan  in the 1960‘s to send a nuclear-powered spaceship filled with people to colonize another planet. After 50 years wandering space, tensions rise aboard the spacecraft after the murder of a young woman. (Premieres Monday, November 24 on Syfy.)


NBC’s incarnation of ‘Constantine’ seems much closer to the comic book character than the Keanu Reeves version that came out in 2005. Matt Ryan (‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior’) plays the titular character. Actor Emmett Scanlan, who most recently appeared as a riot-guard in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, was tapped to play Detective Jim Corrigan who eventually becomes The Spectre. (Premieres Friday, October 24 on NBC.)

Star Wars Rebels

In ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ we follow the journey of 14-year old Ezra as he crosses paths with a group of wanderers including a Twi’lek pilot, Hera, and a Jedi, Kanan. Executive producer Simon Kinberg recently indicated that ‘Star Wars’ fans will get a glimpse of what we can expect to see in the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ by tuning into this Disney XD animated show. (Premieres October 3 on the Disney Channel and October 13 on Disney XD.)

Z Nation

Though this Syfy zombie series includes some familiar faces (‘Lost’’s Harrold Perrineau, Tom Everett Scott, and ‘Supernatural’’s DJ Qualls), many critics feel it pales in comparison to ‘The Walking Dead.’ In ‘Z Nation’, our heroes find the one person able to survive a zombie bite and vow to take him to California where scientists can hopefully create a vaccine. (Premiered September 12, airs on Fridays at 10 on Syfy.)


Ioan Gruffudd (‘Fantastic Four’) plays Dr Henry Morgan, a highly adept medical examiner who is apparently immortal. Morgan has been alive for over 200 years and has died repeatedly, only to come back to life time and time again. Though the show is a procedural, it promises to unlock the mystery behind Morgan’s immortality. (Premieres Monday, September 22 on ABC.)

What do you think of these new shows? Which ones do you not want to miss?