The dead are rising in Haven in the season finale!

The episode opens in the middle of the night with a man named Bill, asleep in his bed, being woken by another man… one who has evidently been dead for a while. Bill jolts upright in bed, in denial that his deceased friend is standing in his bedroom warning him of danger for the wife he left behind. Finally the ghost, Arlo, gets through to Bill and begs him to go and protect his wife. BIll leaps out of bed, gun in hand, and races over to Arlo’s house to check on the woman in question.

When Bill arrives, the woman, Sheila, has been woken as well and has been led downstairs by the ghost of her dead husband while she’s still in a daze. Arlo tells her that someone is in the house and that he will keep her safe until Bill arrives. The moment he does, however, Arlo turns to his wife and moves as if he’s going to strangle her. Bill fires three shots, and the bullets travel through the man he thinks is attacking Sheila and hit her. She falls dead at the foot of the steps, Arlo’s ghost turns with a vengeful smirk on his face to face his former friend. Bill asks the ghost what’s happened, and Arlo plainly answers that it’s payback for having had an affair with his wife. Bill panics at the sight of Sheila laying dead on the floor, and then we move ahead a few hours.

It’s morning now and we follow Duke as he drives into town only to see Audrey pulling up across the street. He hesitates a moment and then approaches her. Audrey tries to avoid him and push him off until later. Duke, however, is adamant about speaking to her and he tries to tell her that he’s not going to follow what his father had planned for him, that he’s not going to kill anyone, and that he’s certainly looking to kill her. Audrey cracks a joke about being relieved and Duke worries that she’s not taking him seriously. She tells him not to worry, that they’ll figure everything out, and then heads into the office of the Haven Herald to confront Vince and Dave.

She has an old photograph of herself from years earlier, and she strides over to the pinboard on the wall, plucks down another photo of a man holding a large fish and walks over to Dave, slamming the photo of the man and fish on the desk in front of him. Dave admits the photo is of him, and then Audrey slams down the other photo she had brought in with her. In that second picture with her is also Dave and she questions him about it. Dave tries to be evasive, picking up his tea cup to hide behind and Audrey slaps it out of his hand, sending it flying across the room to shatter.

“No more lies!” she demands of them. Audrey accuses them of holding back on her, and Vince speaks up. He apologizes for holding back on her, and Dave tries to make Vince clam up again. Vince tells him there’s no point in holding back anymore because Audrey is starting to put this back together. She demands that they tell her everything they know and Vince speaks up again. He tells her that previously, she was named Lucy. Before that, her name was Sarah. What they don’t know, he said, was where she goes between the times of the troubles. Dave pipes up and adds in that she has a new person’s memory each time she comes back, but always looks exactly the same. Vince tells her that the only thing that doesn’t change is that she always helps the troubled when she’s there. She asks them who her Agent Howard is, and they just shrug. They don’t know, either.

Vince pulls a pouch out of one of his desk drawers and hands it to Audrey. It’s a ring that looks suspiciously like a wedding band. He says it belonged to Sarah, the version of her from the old photo. She asks him why he has it and he pauses.

“She was… a friend,” he explains cryptically. (But is that all she was, Vince?)

Audrey’s phone beeps as she gets a text message from Nathan, informing her that they have a case. She tells Dave and Vince their conversation isn’t over, swipes the old photo of herself from the desk, and races out the door. Dave tells Vince that he’s told her too much, and Vince bites back that Audrey needs his help. He says he won’t let Dave get in his way of helping her this time, and then we cut to Duke’s boat where he’s just come from the shower and into his living quarters.

It’s then that we sci-fi fans get to see a beloved (and missed) familiar face, Tahmoh Penikett, guest starring as Duke’s deceased father, Simon. He just stands in the middle of the living quarters, his arms crossed, awaiting his son. Duke’s jaw just about hits the floor as he realizes who it is standing in front of him, and all he can manage is a dumbfounded, “Dad?” before the opening sequence plays.

After the credits, we’re taken to the case Audrey has been called out to, where Nathan gives her a hard time about how she’s late for work and asks where she was. Audrey, however, doesn’t want to talk about it and gets straight down to business, asking after the case. Nathan leans up against the coroner’s vehicle and explains everything, how Bill has shot Sheila during the night and how he keeps muttering “Arlo made me do it.” Audrey posits that Arlo may have been an angry ex, and Nathan corrects her by saying Arlo is actually Sheila’s dead husband, but the neighbors all saw Arlo leaving the house after the gunshots. They put forth the theory that he had faked his death, and then Nathan stands away from the vehicle and looks at Audrey.

“We should have dinner. Together,” he tells her. She starts to laugh, and then looks up at him and realizes he’s serious. She’s starting to realize that kiss meant something to him. She offers to make him his favorite, pancakes, and then he asks her if she’s offering dinner… or breakfast. Audrey just grins and walks back to her car, leaving Nathan standing there with a big grin on his face.

The scene cuts back to Duke’s boat where his dead father is still there. Duke goes sarcastic, telling his father he’s certain seeing his father is a by-product of some sort of spiked brownies. Duke’s father assures him he’s really there, and then reaches for the glass of alcohol Duke’s just poured, only to have his hand go right through the glass. Duke plays along, being his sarcastic self and then starts to bicker with his father, talking about how terrible a father he had been.

Then Duke’s father sees his old box of weapons. He asks Duke if he’s cured anyone yet, and Duke has no idea what he’s talking about. Simon says he knows he wasn’t around when Duke was younger, and he tells him there was a good reason for that. He tells Duke that he was out “saving people.” Duke demands to know his definition of “saving people,” and Simon explains that when someone from the Crocker family kills a troubled person, they can erase the trouble for the entire family line by killing them. Duke is dumbfounded, and Simon says he finally understands why he’s been brought back: to make Duke understand their family calling.

The scene cuts to Nathan and Audrey in a graveyard, trying to search out Arlo’s grave in order to try and rule out the fact that he had tried to fake his own death. They both approach one of the grave diggers, Kyle Hopkins. Kyle isn’t too keen on Nathan being troubled, and is quite the fan of the late Reverend Driscoll. They bribe Kyle into digging up Arlo’s body by threatening jail time for possession. Once he’s been dug up, Audrey and Nathan quickly realize that there is no possibility that Arlo could have faked his death, given the current state of his body. Nathan, then, gets another call from the dispatch telling him there’s been another murder. This time, a deceased girl, Annie, has instructed her brother to kill her rapist. Nathan and Audrey have just interviewed the brother, and then sent him off to the cells when Vince and Dave walk in with news, or rather gossip, in regards to Sheila’s death early in the episode. They tell Nathan and Audrey about the affair between Bill and Sheila, which sets the investigation on the trail of the dead coming back to settle old scores.

We then head back to the graveyard where Reverend Driscoll is standing over Kyle Hopkins as he works to put Arlo’s grave back together. He asks Kyle to work for him, to help him bring his plans for Haven to completion. Kyle nods, and the Reverend just smirks evilly.

The next act sees Duke and Simon standing in the middle of a field, and Simon is telling him a story of several years past when a young girl’s trouble activated during a third grade campout and killed everyone, 12 children and 2 chaperones. Simon tells Duke he had the opportunity to kill the girl’s grandfather just days before and end their curse, and he didn’t take it. He tries desperately to make Duke understand the role their family has played throughout the troubles, but Duke still doesn’t want to hear it. He walks away.

Back in the police station, Nathan and Audrey swap staring moments with each other while working close together, and discover that both Annie and Arlo were buried at the same cemetery. They take off to investigate the lead, and the Rev has taken Kyle and another follower out onto the streets of town. They’re starting to mark the houses of those in Haven who are troubled. While the Rev’s followers mark houses, Audrey and Nathan are back in the cemetery, looking for Annie’s grave. In the midst of their search, Nathan reveals to Audrey how his trouble came back after a fistfight with Duke two years prior when he had deceived and used Nathan for smuggling. He warns her that she cannot trust Duke, no matter what. Shortly thereafter, they come upon Annie’s grave, and then Nathan sees a mass of ghosts coming toward them in a large circle. Because of her immunity to the troubles, Audrey can’t see them at all. Audrey and Nathan get closed in, and then the circle just disperses without incident.

Audrey and Nathan start walking through the cemetery after the group of ghosts move away, and Audrey sees Duke burying his father’s box of weapons. She approaches him, and Nathan isn’t pleased with it, but he follows her anyway. Duke tells them both about what his father had told him in regards to killing the troubles in a family, which leads them to another clue: Simon had been buried at another cemetery and moved recently. Nathan makes a call and finds out the person who had moved Simon was the same person who had buried Arlo and Annie. It was Kyle Hopkins.

Before they can think too much about it, Duke and Nathan see the Chief across the cemetery. Audrey tells Nathan to go and talk to his father, and she and Duke head off in search of Kyle. Nathan crosses the cemetery and has a talk with his father. He tells the Chief that Audrey killed the Rev, to which the Chief gives a “Good for her!” The Chief then asks about how close Nathan and Audrey have gotten, and tells Nathan they cannot be in love because she’s too important to Haven for her focus to be divided like that.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Duke stop at a house with a marking on the road on the way to find Kyle. It’s one of the symbols the Rev’s followers have been using to mark the houses of those who are troubled. Audrey investigates, only to find a dropped wallet and broken mug as they head up to the porch. Duke sends her inside to check out the house as the Rev’s ghost walks up onto the porch toward them, hiding the fact that he’s seen the Rev from her. The Rev tells Duke that he is to come with him, or he will take his revenge on Audrey, so Duke choose to leave Audrey and go. He won’t risk her life.

We cut to Nathan and Audrey, driving up the road toward Kyle’s house. Nathan is upset that Duke has just left Audrey behind as they pull up to the house, but Audrey doesn’t appear to be too worried about Duke; she’s more worried about what the Chief said to Nathan. They find Kyle’s wife with a streak of red paint on her hands that match the red from the markings on the road, and decided to follow her to see if she will lead them to Kyle. Sure enough, they find the Rev and several of his followers have chloroformed a number of troubled people and dumped them all in a barn. Just as Duke walks up with the Rev’s ghost, Nathan and Audrey are caught in the forest and taken at gunpoint to stand before the Rev, where they tell Kyle he is the one who has brought everyone back to life. He tries to deny it, and then begs the Rev to help him. The Rev says he can’t, but points to Duke and says “He can.”

One of the Rev’s men shoves a knife into Duke’s hand and, after Duke says he won’t kill anyone, not even Audrey, Kyle rushes him, takes his hand and forces Duke to stab him. The ghosts start to flicker out as Kyle dies and, once they’re gone, Audrey places everyone involved under arrest.

The next day at the Herald, Dave confronts Vince about having Kyle dig up the Chief, and he said it had been done three weeks prior because Haven needed the Chief back. We cut to Audrey all dressed up for her date with Nathan, making pancakes. Someone knocks at the door and she assumes it’s Nathan, arriving early. She opens the door and gets tasered. A little while later, Nathan comes in, finds her place a mess and finds Duke’s whistle necklace amidst the wreckage. He hurries over to confront Duke, seething with anger. Nathan accuses Duke of being the one to kidnap Audrey and pulls the whistle out of his pocket as evidence. Duke hurriedly tries to convince Nathan that he had nothing to do with it, but Nathan doesn’t listen. Nathan reaches out to grab Duke, but Duke tries to toss him across the room. Nathan comes back, pulling his sidearm on Duke… and as he reaches for his own gun, taped under the table, Duke’s eyes widen.

Nathan has the tattoo that was predicted to be on the arm of the man who would kill him.

The shot pans to the exterior of Duke’s boat and we hear a single gunshot before the episode fades to black. Did Nathan shoot Duke? Did Duke knock the gun away in time to avoid the shot? We’ll just have to wait until the next season to find out.

In the meantime, there is a Christmas episode of ‘Haven’ coming our way in December, so stay tuned! We’re not finished with ‘Haven’ just yet! Also, if you missed last week’s episode, check out out ‘Haven: Business As Usual‘ – recap!