‘Bates Motel‘ returns March 3rd on A&E.  The series serves as a prequel to the classic thriller ‘Psycho’ directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock and features a teenage Norman Bates and his manipulative mother Norma, as well as Dylan, Norma’s love interest as they adjust to life in a small town.  Meanwhile, Norman must contend with his raging teen hormones which take a twisted turn.

In preparation for the new season, A&E have released a pair of promo commercials as well as a behind the scenes video that teases a bit more about season two of the hit show.  It looks as if the drama will only increase as things move forward.

The first clip focuses solely on Dylan and is something of a companion to two previously released clips:

The second takes the Dylan footage and remixes it with two previously released teasers featuring Norma and Norman, editing it into one clip that showcases all three:

Finally, here is a lengthier clip that further embellishes what to expect from season two of ‘Bates Motel’:

‘Bates Motel’ stars Freddie Highmore (Norman), Vera Farmiga (Norma), Max Thieriot (Dylan), Olivia Cooke (Emma), Nicola Peltz (Bradley), and Nestor Carbonell (Sheriff Romero).  Joining the cast in  season two are newcomers Kathleen Robertson, Rebecca Creskoff, Kenny Johnson, Paloma Kwiatkowski, and Michael Vartan.

Are you a fan of this series?  Are you excited about season two?  We all know how this turns out, but the journey there could contain many twists and turns.  What would you like to see occur on this series?

Source: Dread Central