Stephen Amell In Arrow

WARNING: Spoilers for ‘Arrow’ Season 8 and ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Ahead! Don’t read if you are not caught up!




We all knew it was coming… the end of ‘Arrow,’ the flagship series of the ‘Arrowverse’ (and what the universe is named after) coming to a close after eight seasons, with the fate of Oliver Queen hanging in the balance during ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ where the Monitor had foretold that Oliver would die. And now ‘Crisis’ is upon us, Oliver has already died (in the first episode!), been brought back to life in a Lazarus Pit without his soul, and then chose to stay behind in Purgatory in order to save his family and friends in some new position, as he was told it was the only way to truly save the Universe.

And yet, the ‘Arrow’ episode of ‘Crisis’ will not air until January 2020 and even then, that episode is not the finale of the series, the finale coming later on January 28th. Of course, some might think the finale of ‘Arrow’ might just be an epilogue of sorts if Oliver ends up being dead after ‘Crisis,’ but new information has come to light letting us know that Oliver will be alive and, well, kicking during the finale.


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While speaking to Collider, alongside his brother Robbie Amell to promote their new project ‘Code 8,’ Stephen Amell spoke on the finale and all the action they are closing the series with:

“It was like, okay, it’s our last kick at the can. Let’s do the action sequence to end all action sequences for Arrow. The coolest thing is that, I want to say, every stunt guy, more or less who has ever worked on the show, even guys that retired or are coordinating on Supergirl or Flash or Legends, everybody came out. Everybody sold out in terms of what is happening. It’s a sequence that, I showed it to Robbie, and he’s like ‘That was incredible!’. And I’m like, ‘That was the first third of it, keep watching.’ It just goes. It’s a little superfluous, a little theatrical, just in terms of the amount of people I murder. It’s what the fans deserved.”

So if Oliver Queen is out fighting with all these stuntmen, in the biggest action scene to date on the series, logic dictates he should be alive in some form by the finale, or so one would think. But with the craziness of ‘Crisis’ and all the crazy powers and abilities of the Monitor, Anti-Monitor, Harbinger, and Pariah, honestly, it is hard to tell what could actually be happening.

Do you have any theories for how ‘Arrow’ will finally end? Will Oliver be alive by the time the finale credits roll? Will he be reunited with Felicity in the future as was hinted at the end of Season 7? Will he leave Earth as some new cosmic force, maybe even taking the Monitor’s place as protector of the Arrowverse (which would be fitting considering the name)? Feel free to share any thoughts or theories you may have in the comments below!