In ‘Hot Tub Time Machine‘ a few friends went back in time and changed their past and now, the trailer for the sequel shows off the extensive consequences their actions have caused. In ‘Hot Tub Time machine 2‘, Nick (played by Craig Robinson) and Lou (played by Rod Borddry) are back in the present and having the time of their lives. While things start off awesome, they don’t stay that way when one of them gets shot. At this point they decide that they will have to once again travel back, this time to save one of their own.

The writers were clearly fans of the ‘Back to the Future‘ franchise because instead of going back in time, they instead throw our would be adventurers into the future. Clark Duke also returns as Jacob and Adam Scott steps in for the missing John Cusack  to form the time travelling quartet. (Cusack had stated that he was unable to star in the film due to a scheduling conflict. Honestly, if I had Cusack’s film history on my resume I probably would have been busy as well. I’m not sure he got talked into doing the first movie.)

While the humor from the first film stemmed directly from it being in the 80s and making fun of our memories of that era, this one will be taking on the future. I’m sure we’ll see some poking at technology pop up, though we do get to see an extensive future drug induced trip as well.

Box office sales were extremely weak for the first film. With a $34 million budget, it was only able to pull in $50.2 million at the theaters but disc and VOD sales were high enough to bring back interest for a sequel.

Are you looking forward to taking a visit to the 2020s with another trip through the hot tub or are you wondering how this got greenlit in the first place? Share your thoughts below!

‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’ hits theaters December 25th, 2014.

Source: Cinema Blend, Screen Rant