There’s been quite the hubbub surrounding Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot currently titled ‘Ninja Turtles’. After that name change and the tweaked origin that involved the turtles being aliens from another planet, fans have been up in arms, despite the producer telling fans to “chill” and that he’s working closely with one of the original creators of the series. It seems like some fans have, in fact, decided to chill and focus their sights on something else: Getting Donald Glover a role in the movie.

It would seem that fans have started a campaign to get the actor, writer, and musician to play the role of Donatello. MTV (via CBM) caught up with Glover to get his reaction to the idea of him being a Ninja Turtle.

Unsurprisingly, he said that he’d prefer to be Raphael instead. I say “unsurprisingly” because, let’s be honest, Raphael is the coolest hero in a half shell. Here’s a quote from Glover explaining his preference:

“I mean, Donatello’s cool too, but all the stories about him were never that great. I guess I could be rude like Raphael is in the opening sequence of the animated series. That’s his thing, right? Raphael is cool but rude. [Donatello] was always the angsty one. He and Leonardo was always an alpha male-omega male kind of thing, where they would fight each other a lot because Leonardo was deemed the leader, the oldest. But Raphael always wanted that title, and Splinter was always trying to break that up. Michelangelo is like ‘Stop fighting.’ He’s the omega male. He’s the one they all beat up to get their frustrations out.”

For the full interview, check out the video below.


The man also known as Childish Gambino is no stranger to outcries of fan support. Back when they were casting ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, fans got behind Glover and let the world know that he should play Peter Parker, the role that ultimately went to Andrew Garfield.

Donald Glover can be seen every Thursday night as Troy Barnes on NBC during ‘Community’. Michael Bay is currently working on ‘Ninja Turtles’ with his production company Platinum Dunes and director Jonathan Liebesman. It’s expected to hit theaters on December 25, 2013.