Last year we found out that Cinemax was working with Robert Kirkman to potentially develop a new horror show called ‘Outcast and now we’ve found out that a pilot has been officially ordered. While the name for the show was temporarily in question, it looks as if that has been smoothed out and things are moving full steam ahead!

There was a multi-network bidding war for ‘Outcast’ when it first came up and Cinemax landed the show. After the huge success of ‘The Walking Dead,’ I’m sure they paid quite a pretty penny for it and have no doubt that they’ll be able to have a huge hit on their hands. While Kirkman will pen the pilot script, writing duties will go elsewhere for subsequent episodes, that is, if Cinemax is impressed enough with the pilot to give it a series order. The first issue of the comic was released at the end of June and already has a strong introduction. Kirkman will also executive produce the project with David Alpert, Sue Naegle, Chris Black, and Sharon Tal Yguado.

The official announcement landed on Twitter from Robert Kirkman himself which you can read below.

The comic and show revolves around Kyle Barnes who has dealt with possession since he was a child. He has a way to deal with it though we haven’t been given the complete details on if he can cast demons out or find a way to draw them into himself quite yet. He is reclusive and yet gets caught up in a new case of possessions and what he uncovers could very well lead to the end of all life on the planet.

With ‘The Walking Dead’, the spin-off, ‘Thief of Thieves,’ and now ‘Outcast.’ it will be interesting to see how Kirkman manages his time for this and all of the comics as well.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Outcast’ on the small screen? Do you think it’ll match the interest that ‘The Walking Dead’ has generated? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter