Comic conventions are a place of wonder and amazement! A place where dreams of meeting your favorite childhood hero celebrity or finding that one rare collectible you’ve hunted half of your life for can become a reality! They’re a magical place where you can be ANYONE you want to be, even if that means just being yourself! But on the off chance you don’t feel like being yourself, there’s plenty of room for amazing cosplay!

The team here at was on site at Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 to witness some of these amazing cosplay costumes firsthand! You’ve already seen a few of them in the Part One of our Cosplay Gallery from the convention, but just in case that wasn’t enough we’re bringing you Part Two! (Make sure to click the picture for an enlarged version!)

Nebula and Gamora!

Yuna from Final Fantasy

Ursula and The Red Skull

The Ice King and Princess Bubblegum!

Magneto winning the father of the year award with Scarlet Witch and Polaris!

Roy Harper and Connor Hawke! Also known as Arsenal and Green Arrow II

The Scarecrow and Catwoman

Kick-Ass and Bayonetta!

Deathstroke has his hands full with Green Arrow and The Red Hood!

Deadpool and Lady Loki

The Green Goblin!

Robin, the… Girl Wonder? Sure! Young Justice styled!


Black Canary and Storm

Rorschach, Soranik Natu, and Guy Gardner!

Ada Wong from Resident Evil

Street Fighter’s Vega and Ken

Doctor Octopus

Marty McFly and Bucky Barnes


The Teen Titans! Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg and Robin!

Batman V. Superman: Friendship Of Justicy Justice




Mr. Freeze! At least we can be thankful he wasn’t making any ice puns! They could have gotten a cold reception!

Rescue Captain America and X-23

The Black Widow and Rogue

Doctor Strange

This kid’s ACTUAL NAME is Nathan Drake! So clearly he’s cosplaying as his namesake, with his parents as Sully and Chloe respectively! It’s fair to say these parents are doing it right!

Poison Ivy and OH NO IT’S A DINOSAUR! Thankfully he doesn’t look like a herbivore!

A Twilek Jedi and Cobra Commander

Ms. Marvel and The Scarlet Witch!

Poison Ivy and a member of Team Rocket!

Cyclops and Captain America

“CARL! WHY AREN’T YOU IN THE HOUSE?!” Rick and Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead!

The Prowler and Madame De Pompadour

Hawkeye and Mockingbird

Master Chief!

Group shot! Thor, Cable, Winter Soldier, The Falcon and… Miss America? This is one rag-tag team of heroes!

That wraps up Part Two of’s comprehensive cosplay coverage from Wizard World Philadelphia 2014! If you missed Part One you can check it out here!  Be sure to stay tuned for Part 3!