justice league flashpoint

DC fans everywhere have been hoping that there might be a “Flashpoint” film in the live-action DC Extended Universe and if the latest rumor proves to be true, the production of the film will depend on how well ‘Justice League‘ performs at the box office. While we all know that Marvel Studios built their world one movie at a time, ‘Justice League’ will be the first real expansion of the DCEU as we’re not only getting real face time with the superheroes, which has been teased all this time, but Warner Brothers is using it as the foundation to expand their franchise for years to come.

However, we’ve already seen the studio mulling over non-canon stories and have multiple iterations of their characters being shown on the big screen. In a recent roundtable on ‘Meet the Movie Press,’ Justin Kroll of Variety shared some “insider tidbit” about the future of their cinematic universe. He states that the entire future of these films will depend on how well ‘Justice League’ performs for both box office sales and to fans.

Assuming this is true, Warner Brothers has already started exploring other options for giving us live-action DC films if they decide to switch up their cinematic universe. If nothing else, including Wonder Woman in the upcoming films (as seen by the latest news that she will appear in ‘Flashpoint) could be a way to reboot the rest of the franchise while still giving us their fan-favorite actress!

After the success of ‘Wonder Woman‘ and how well it resonated with fans, the studio had a bit of a reprieve though clearly the next installment will be the true test as to what fans and casual moviegoers alike think about the house that Lego Batman DC built. While it is clear that many films such as ‘Wonder Woman 2’ and ‘Suicide Squad 2’ all seem to be moving forward with no issues, it almost looks as if this applies solely to the central heroes outside of a certain princess.

Do you hope that the DCEU gets to include the “Flashpoint” story arc? Has the studio learned from their mistakes and we’re finally going to be getting a string of hits after the success of ‘Wonder Woman’ that’ll make audiences cheer and continuously pack theaters long after opening weekend? Share your thoughts below!