Whenever conversations about ‘Star Wars’ come up these days, people are mostly talking about the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ from J.J. Abrams. Sometimes there’s even chatter about the new animated series, ‘Star Wars: Rebels’. But somewhere in the world someone is talking about the Trilogy (which is capitalized out of respect) and the prequel trilogy. And chances are that if discussion revolves around the latter, the talk is negative because fans have notoriously been extremely critical of that set of films that started with ‘The Phantom Menace’ (arguably the worst of the six films), which premiered on the sixteenth anniversary of ‘Return of the Jedi’ (my pick for the best one in the series). But some of the more creative fans have come up with their own ways to fix what they felt was wrong with George Lucas’ last creations in the galaxy far, far away. Some of these what if stories are even pretty good, just like the this one that has been making it’s rounds online lately.

Movie reviewing YouTube personality Belated Media has taken it upon himself to offer up some suggestions as to how to improve the prequels of the beloved ‘Star Wars’ franchise. In his latest video, he goes over a completely reinvented plotline meant to improve on ‘Attack of the Clones’, complete with awesome storyboards by artist Jackie Whisler. To hear his version of the story, check out the video below:

Maybe it’s because I saw this before I graduated from film school, but I definitely don’t remember noticing all these problems with this movie before. Truth be told, I didn’t mind ‘Episode II’ that much when I first saw it. It’s far from my favorite, but it wasn’t terrible. However, after hearing all of this and remembering the many hours of screenwriting lectures, I suddenly wish that this version was what actually what happened in the film. I especially love how he managed to take out most of the politics that bogged down a lot of the good stuff. I’ll even bet that if Lucas himself saw this, he’d consider digitally editing some of this stuff into the plot in a recut of the prequels for some sort of inevitable anniversary edition.

What do you think of Belated Media’s take on ‘Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones’? Do you think that his changes improved the overall quality of the story? Sound off in the comments.