While it isn’t news that the fourth season of Ryan’s horror anthology series is called ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show‘ and will have a circus theme to the show. What is news, though, is that there is at least one clown in the series and he’ll be a a major character. It shouldn’t be surprising that a clown would be hanging around at a circus, but apparently they are now claiming that the clown, who goes by the name Clown Killer, will be “the most terrifying clown ever.”

I have loved every season of ‘American Horror Story’ so far, but I will be the first to admit that what was just said is a rather bold statement. The most terrifying clown ever? Did the writers experience Pennywise in Stephen King’s ‘It‘ growing up? If so, the child in me is terrified on how they plan on topping Tim Curry’s performance.

While this next season was supposed to have a light tone, according to Ryan Murphy that has changed a bit:

“It’s turning out to be quite terrifyingly dark. Which it feels much more like the Asylum season.”

On top of the clown, it seems another member of Jessica Lange’s freak show is going to include a bearded lady. Well, their “own version” of a bearded lady, that is. Was she once a he? Is it a medical experiment gone wrong? I’m sure creepy is the only description we’ll end up having to use, but I’m curious to know more.

Aside from Lange’s character and these two new characters, we know that Michael Chiklis will be joining the cast as Kathy Bates husband and Evan Peters’ father. Past that, regulars Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy and Angela Bassett are set to return. Also Dennis O’Hare and Emma Roberts are in talks to return with Sidibe and Jamie Brewer also back in a limited capacity. I’m sure casting isn’t over yet as they love to throw new actors in the mix, so once we find out who else is signing up or any new plot details we’ll be happy to share them with you!

Source: Cinema Blend