In what can only be an effort to redeem itself from the science fiction flop that was ‘Battleship‘, it looks as if the US Navy has once again loaned itself to being shot on film. This time for the upcoming giant monster film that I’m actually excited for: ‘Godzilla‘!

OK, so maybe redemption isn’t the real reason here but it sure sounds good when thinking of how painful ‘Battleship’ was to watch. Though I do have to ask: how accurate are we going to see the Navy portrayed in this film?

Well according to Navy Capt. Russ Coons of the Navy Office of Information West, the filmmakers were given quite a bit of help to add to the reality of what was being shown on screen! Not only did they have access to Navy flattops, but they also had other support from the Defense Department as the military wanted to make sure that the portrayal of sailors and other service members were as accurate as they be.

According to Capt. Coons:

“The thematics of the storyline are supported by our core values; and so you see in every instance the honor, courage and commitment of DoD men and women as they realize that certain tactics, techniques and procedures don’t have an effect on their ability to counter the effects of the monster, so they improvise, adapt and overcome.”

Aside from reviewing the script, the Navy gave filmmakers the ability to film interior and exterior scenes on three separate aircraft carriers: the Ronald Reagan, the Carl Vinson and the Nimit. It looks as if the Department of Defense and the US Navy are really trying to raise their profile on screen as they have also lent themselves out not only to ‘Godzilla’ but also to ‘Captain Phillips’.

So why ‘Godzilla’?

“Believe it or not, an opportunity to partner with a 600-foot lizard gave us another opportunity to educate and inform the American public.”

While that may seem strange, in most previous films of the franchise any military action was pretty much just something else for the monsters to destroy. In this film, however, the lead character, Lt. Ford Brody (played by Aaron Taylor-Joneson), actually is able to have an effect on the outcome of the film. “At every turn that he’s challenged,” says Capt. Coons, “he makes a conscious decision to stay and fight and protect and defend the citizens of the United States.”

Part updating the public perception, part recruitment tool and partially making a piece of fiction more accurate, the use of the US Navy is a big plus for ‘Godzilla’. In the end? I’m always for realism in films and when your main characters revolve around giant monsters, the added realism of having the actual military as part of the movie can help ground a film and make it that much easier to fall into the fantasy.

What do you think of the Navy helping out on ‘Godzilla’? Share your thoughts below!

‘Godzilla’ starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Bryan Cranston, and Sally Hawkins hits theaters on May 16, 2014 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D.

Source: Navy Times