Even though showrunner Bryan Fuller was confident that ‘Hannibal‘ was going to return for a third season, NBC has been quiet on the matter. Well, apparently someone said something as it has just been announced by the network that the series is returning for at least one more season. I happen to be a fan of the dark humor in ‘Hannibal’ and am so glad I no longer have to wait to see if the show is being renewed.

I’m sure it helped that, according to Singer, “all of the creatives at NBC are so supportive of the show and want it back” and that the show is “sort of a prestige project for the network”. Even though it doesn’t have the high ratings that the network was hoping for, it can continue. Seriously, folks, if you are interested in the show but haven’t given it a chance yet, I highly suggest changing your mind and starting to watch! There is a slow build up throughout the series but so far each payoff has been worth it! It was revealed at last year’s comic-con panel that the show has a 7 year plan if ratings persist. Not only that, but at some point the events brought up in ‘Red Dragon’ will play out on screen with the proper ending happening if their plan goes through.

Personally I’m excited! What I’m also excited about is that with the introduction of Mason Verger, we’re finally going to see a lot of moments not yet seen from the books as well as only hinted at in the Anthony Hopkins film ‘Hannibal’. We have some seriously disturbing moments ahead of us on screen!

Here’s how   the renewal was announced:

Are you a fan of the show and happy that it is returning for at least a third season? Raise a glass and toast to our good fortune my friends! (Though I might avoid the food being offered in the following image.) Looking forward to it or not, share your thoughts below on the return of everyone’s favorite cannibal!

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