Before Cary Fukunaga had signed on to direct the now defunct reboot of ‘IT,’ Vincenzo Natali (‘Cube’,’Splice’) had pitched to the studios his vision of what an adaptation of the book would be like under his direction. Now new concept art of Pennywise from Natali (courtesy of his Twitter account) shows how dark the director wanted to go with the character in a pitch that never made the light of day. But that hasn’t stopped Natali from helping share what his vision for the film would be if he had been in the director’s chair.

In the following images Natali is responsible for the drawings while artist Amro Attia filed in the actual artwork for the shots that might sell you on this take for the film. No matter if you love them or hate them, it is very clearly a different direction than the Pennywise pictured above.

Now as stated above, this was from a previous attempt by Natali to make the project that tanked so I wouldn’t really get my hopes up on a clown based off of these ideas ever actually showing up on the big screen. My other thought is that as Natali had his own ideas, I’m pretty sure that it might be difficult if the studio still plans to use the script by Seth Grahame-Smith to go with someone that had such a pre-set vision of this demonic clown.

For the currently in limbo adaptation, if they do find a director soon it’ll be interesting to see if he takes over where Fukunaga left off or restart the entire process including the casting of Will Poulter as Pennywise.

What are your thoughts on the Lovecraftian inspired take on the clown shown in the sketches and what the actual concept art ended up looking like? Do you think this take on Pennywise from ‘IT’ would have done Stephen King proud or are you glad to hear that this concept never made it anywhere? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book Movie