About two years ago, filmmaker Ridley Scott announced that he would be revisiting his seminal sci-fi classic ‘Blade Runner’. Since then, development has been slow, but a script has been in the works that is said to feature a female protagonist. No word about how soon the project would be entering the production phases, but it appears that Harrison Ford, the star of the original film, has been in contact with the director about returning.

In a recent interview with IGN to promote the upcoming ‘Ender’s Game’ movie, Ford was asked about if he had any interest about taking part in another installment of the franchise. As it turns out, the veteran actor has already been in very early talks about returning, despite not looking back on the original with fondness over the years:

“Yeah, we’ve been chatting about it. I remember it with complication, but… I’m not there to generate nostalgic moments. I’m there to do a job of work and I quite understand that… Everybody has an ambition when they come into a film and that everyone’s ambition may not be so focused on the same thing. I truly admire Ridley as a man and as a director and I would be very happy to engage again with him in the telling – the further telling of this story.”

If he does decide step back into the role of Rick Deckard (either as a human or a replicant), that will mark the second sci-fi staple that Ford will be a part of as he has been rumored to be bringing back Han Solo in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’. As for Scott, he’s busy with ‘Exodus’ and a sequel to ‘Prometheus’, so chances are that even if this next chapter of ‘Blade Runner’ gets the go ahead, it may be a bit down the pipeline.

Regardless of when it happens, what do you think about Harrison Ford potentially returning to take part in another ‘Blade Runner’ film? Do you think that there should even be another installment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.