While a movie sequel to ‘Serenity’ isn’t on the horizon, we’ve recently found out that Dark Horse Comics is making Browncoats everywhere happy with a comic based continuation to the story. If that’s something that might interest you, then I’m happy to say that we’ve got all kinds of details about what to expect! Warning, there are spoilers beyond this point.

Cover by Georges Jeanty, Karl Story and Laura Martin

First up, an author is officially attached to the project and it’s Whedon! No, not THE Whedon. Joss is still a little busy with a certain project called ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Instead, we have Zach Whedon in charge of the comic. It’ll be a six issue mini-series that may or may not be picked up as an ongoing project. Fortunately it shouldn’t be too hard for him to pick up the story line and as he states that he’ll be able “to find these characters’ voices more easily, probably because I have so much existing material to draw from.”

While Browncoats everywhere might be worried,  Whedon isn’t because “the challenge is to create something that feels of a piece with the existing franchise… but the ‘Serenity’/’Firefly’ world is where I feel most confident..”

Plot wise the title of the series, ‘Leaves On The Wind’ should let you know it doesn’t take place too long after ‘Serenity’. With the tribute to Walsh so clearly in the title you might wonder if there will be flashbacks? Well according to Zach:

“No, not really. I called it that because I felt like it was a way to honor Wash and the effect his death had on the crew. They are still reeling from that event in many ways, and beyond that they are drifting a bit, pushed all over the ‘verse by forces out of their control.”

Cover by Dan Dos Santos

However, while flashbacks aren’t in the picture, we might still get one specific memory from the franchise resurfacing.  The comic takes place about 9 months, or 39 weeks to be exact, after the end of the film, ‘Serenity’. If you recall Zoe’s look in the last moments of the movie and what that 9 month mark can mean for women… we might have a baby on our hands! This would be touching if the crew wasn’t in the middle of nowhere when the action begins. While this piece of the story will continue, it looks as if the Blue Sun Corporation and the potential Inara illness story line will not be making appearances in this run.

Speaking of this series, there is no guarantee that there will be another. On top of that if they do continue on, Whedon won’t be attached:

“I sincerely hope that someone will take the baton when I am done. I am leaving a lot on the table to play with and resolve. I think it would be amazing if the book was passed from writer to writer, each one putting their stamp on it, telling the stories they wanted to see in the series.”

So there you have it. A slew of details on the upcoming ‘Serenity’ run by Dark Horse that answers a little but still leaves us all wanting more. Are you as excited as I am about this one? What parts are you concerned for? Sound off below!

Source: Nerdist