Stephen Amell, best known for playing Oliver Queen, the lead character on The CW’s hit ‘Arrow’ and his cousin Robbie, who played Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm on companion show ‘The Flash’ have been looking to collaborate on another project, independent of the “Flarrowverse” and they seem to have found it in ‘Code 8’ a new science fiction concept.  They have created a short film, which stars Robbie (but not Stephen, unfortunately) as a man with special powers, living in a world where a robotic police force are tasked with eliminating such special subjects.

The short 10-minute film is classified as “a proof of concept for a feature film version to be filmed later this year.”  In other words, this is just a taste.  The Amells are hoping to raise funds to film a full-length film, in which Stephen is promised to appear as well.  The short was put together starting in August, when Stephen was busy filming ‘Arrow’ (and possibly ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows’).

The short version was directed by Jeff Chan, who previously helmed two ‘Call of Duty’ short films.  Also featured in the short are Sung Kang (‘Fast & Furious 6’), Aaron Abrams (‘Hannibal’), Chad Donella (‘Scandal’) and Alfred Rubin Thompson (‘Club Dead’).

Watch the short below:


Here is the official description:

The short film is just an introduction to this world. We want to delve deeper! But, we hate spoilers, so we won’t say too much about the story. We can say this: this movie will be intense, it will feel real, and you will see a side of Robbie and Stephen that you haven’t seen before. Oh, and there will be robots, superpowers, and a ton of badass action.

Here’s where you come in!  The filmmakers are taking to Indiegogo to obtain financing to make the full-length movie and if you want to see more, you can help make that happen!

Watch this video featuring the Amells below:

Visit their page here.

What do you think so far?  Was the short film enough to whet your thirst for more?

Source: Collider