While the fate of ‘Torchwood’ is still up in the air (as the saying goes, it ain’t over til it’s over!), fans of the show can continue their journey with Captain Jack Harkness as new details of John Barrowman’s new ‘Torchwood’ novel has now been disclosed.

Back in February, Barrowman had announced on the Graham Norton BBC Radio 2 show that he was co-writing a ‘Torchwood’ novel with his sister Caroline E. Barrowman.  At the time, not much information was given except that the novel would be titled ‘Exodus Code’ and that it would be set some time after the ‘Miracle Day’ miniseries.

Well, now we have more details as a synopsis has finally been released. Thanks to Amazon.com, we have what the book will be about:

It starts with a series of unexplained events. Earth tremors across the globe. People being driven insane by their heightened and scrambled senses. And the world is starting to notice – the number one Twitter trend is #TheLoco. Governments and scientists are bewildered and silent. The world needs Torchwood, but there’s not much of Torchwood left. Captain Jack has tracked the problem to its source: a village in Peru, where he’s uncovered evidence of alien involvement. Back in Cardiff, Gwen Cooper has discovered something lurking inside the Torchwood software – something alien and somehow connected to Jack. If the world is to be restored, she has to warn him – but she’s quickly becoming a victim of the madness, too!

Barrowman is not new to the writing world as he’s co-authored several books with this sister including his autobiographies ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘I Am What I Am.’ ‘Exodus Code’ is the second sci-fi genre novel the pair have written. The first was called ‘Hollow Earth’ and is about twins with superpowers who are able to bring drawings to life or put people into drawings (sounds very much like the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Fear Her,’ don’t you think?).

It will be very interesting to see how Barrowman’s envisions Captain Jack’s thoughts and observations in ‘Exodus Code.’ Since the novel occurs after the events of ‘Miracle Day’ that implies that Rex may be a character but I hope not. I’m also curious to see if Barrowman will bring Ianto back from the dead as so many ‘Torchwood’ fans have requested (okay, demanded). And as to whether or not this novel will be considered canon in the ‘Torchwood’ universe? No one has officially said anything yet. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the novel comes out.

As for seeing another season of ‘Torchwood’, the wait may be longer than we expect as Barrowman has just finished filming a pilot for ABC called ‘Gilded Lilies’ where he plays the playboy son of a family looking to open a ritzy hotel in 1895 New York. If the pilot gets picked up, Barrowman will be occupied with this series and may be unable to do a ‘Torchwood’ one. (While I wish Barrowman much success, I’m hoping that if there is a revival of ‘Torchwood,’ the producers will find a way to work around his schedule. Heaven forbid they decide to go forward without him and make Rex the new Captain Jack!)

‘Exodus Code’ will be out in bookstores on November 6th. And since we have lots of time to speculate until then, what do you hope to see included/mentioned in the book?

Source: Combom