There have been costumed superheroes running around “protecting” innocent civilians for some time now. The most well-known of these costumed crimefighters is Seattle’s Phoenix Jones (real name: Ben Fodor). Phoenix Jones came to the forefront last year when he was arrested and lost his job after using pepper spray to break up what he believed to be a mugging.

Then, just days ago, another costumed do-gooder called BeeSting was arrested and charged with firing a shotgun during an altercation over someone playing their guitar too loud.

With all of these vigilante “heroes” running around, it was only a matter of time before someone stepped up and took the role of villain. Yesterday, that finally happened… no really… I’m not kidding. A man calling himself “Rex Velvet” released an internet video calling out Phoenix Jones to reveal his secret identity (even though Jones has already been unmasked).

Check out the video and bask in the awesome:

Obviously, this Rex Velvet character isn’t serious and isn’t about to go committing crimes around Seattle but it’s still interesting to see the other side of the crime-fighter coin being flipped. Plus… Rex Velvet, whoever he may be, is great at editing film and who doesn’t love a dapper guy with a stylish mustache?

Even more interesting is that fact that Velvet claims to be part of a group of villains known as the “Social Villains Alliance” so I hope there’s more where this came from. And, while you’re at it, check out my new hero, Rex Velvet, on Twitter with the handle @RexVelvet.