Brian K. Vaughan

Brian K. Vaughan has just signed the next three years over to Legendary Entertainment in a huge deal for the creator. Vaughan has given the world a ton of fantastic comics over the years and of his two most well known ones,  ‘Y: The Last Man‘ is in development for FX just waiting for a final series order and his co-created ‘Saga‘ still hasn’t been picked up for an adaptation.

If the eight-figure number for this deal is true, it will be the largest overall film and TV agreement with a comic book creator so far. According to Vaughan:

“Legendary was instrumental in helping to revolutionize the way the world thought of comic book movies, so it’s a tremendous honor to work with them on adaptations of some of my and my talented collaborators’ past and current comics, and I’m looking forward to hopefully creating a few wholly original stories with them as well.”

While ‘Saga’ is the most likely creation that the studio would want to pick up, Vaughan also is responsible for hits such as ‘Paper Girls’, ‘Ex Machina,’ ‘We Stand Guard,’ and the more recently released ‘Barrier.’ With a pile of his original creations have not yet seen a cinematic adaptation, it is clear he is also interested in new creations for the studio as well.

Legendary’s TV Studios president Nick Pepper chimed in:

“Through truly inspired storytelling, Brian has created immersive, compelling worlds that are devoured by fans worldwide. We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Brian to bring his visions and extraordinary library of work to the screen.”

While most comic adaptations these days are heading to the big screen, it should be noted that Vaughan’s work tends to be more episodic. On top of that, he’s previously written for ‘Lost,’ ‘Daredevil,’ and ‘Runaways‘ for the small screen so a longer format could easily be a good fit here. Adding in that it is Legendary’s TV Studios president commenting on the deal, I think that at least one major announcement for television or streaming service is in our future.

Are you thrilled that more of Brian K. Vaughan’s work will be ending up on film or television? Which of his works are you most excited to see brought to life and for which medium? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter