No ‘Torchwood’ In 2012, May Be Back In 2013 Or As A Movie?

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Eve MylesMany ‘Torchwood’ fans were disappointed with how ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ ended. Their dissatisfaction must have gotten back to the actors as Eve Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper in the series, has said that another ‘Torchwood’ project should occur to give fans closure.

In an interview with Cult Box, Myles talked about the future of ‘Torchwood.’ Myles confesses that she loves playing Gwen and wouldn’t have a second thought about participating in another season of the series. Although nothing has been said about filming this year, she does hold out hope for something in 2013. If a series wouldn’t be possible, then at least a movie should be in the works, if for any other reason, to give fans the closure they deserve:

“As far as I know at the moment, everything’s still very much on hold. Russell [T Davies] has things happening in his personal life. John [Barrowman] is very much on the same page as me, in that if and when they need us, they can just pick the phone up and we will be there before they’ve even put the phone down, because it’s something we love doing. Nothing’s going to happen in 2012, I know that much for sure. But who knows what will happen in 2013. Maybe a movie, to kinda draw a line under it”

“That’s the thing about Torchwood, every series we’ve changed our format. We’ve always had a gap in between, so fingers crossed, because we’ve got such an outstanding loyal fan base. They deserve Torchwood to go ahead with something else to draw a line under it, for the fans to have a bit of closure.”

If another series were to film, Myles would like to see the show be brought back to Cardiff Wales. “That’s where it was born,” she says, “and maybe it’d be nice to end it there. There’s nothing wrong with Cardiff!”

The last word about the series returning was from Starz CEO Chris Albrecht. He told EW that the future of the show lies with Russell T. Davies and if it was near the top of his “to do list” it would happen.  As many already know, Davies has taken a bit of a hiatus to care for his ailing partner and is finishing up a commitment towards a new series called ‘Aliens vs. Wizards.’ Also, the Starz ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Facebook page was just recently taken down.

I agree with Myles and think that there should be some closure to the series. If another season of ‘Torchwood’ were to occur, many concessions would have to be made to bring it back to its days of glory. Unfortunately, they can’t bring back Ianto (as much as many of you would love) nor can it pretend that ‘Miracle Day’ never occurred (as much as many of you would also love). If a full season is not possible, then definitely a 2 hour movie or miniseries should be made.

What do you think? Would you like to see another season or movie of ‘Torchwood to wrap things up?

  • Torchwood does indeed have a tenacious fan base; It’s difficult to conceive any plausible reason anyone of sound mind would not push this series out to the people with all due haste.

    • Janice Kay

      If they had someone who was dedicated to Torchwood as much as Moffat was to Doctor Who when he took over that show, then I would be all for a new series. If it was just someone to take over just to crank out another season, then I don’t think it would work as well. I would rather wait for a good series (like Children of Earth) than something rushed.

  • Mundgawi

    If they can’t bring back Ianto, there is no reason for me to hope for a new Torchwood..

    • Ianto most assuredly made an impression on Torchwood fans! Mr. Lloyd would most likely return if given the opportunity.
      This would make a tremendous amount of fans very, very happy!

      • Gravitule

        Indeed! :)

    • Janice Kay

      Yes, Ianto was a very big part of Torchwood, but unfortunately, if they include the radio shows that aired before Miracle Day as canon, he is very much dead. That episode of the radio series gave many fans closure. But I agree, it’s still not the same as seeing him in the series. Who knows, maybe he has a twin somewhere in the Torchwood universe and that’s how Gareth David-Lloyd can come back for a final series.

      • Lindie

        It’s science fiction, though – they could easily find a way. I’ve read fan-written stories that have brilliant explanations and “fixes” for it. He was such a fan favorite that killing him off was a major oversight. It just doesn’t feel like Torchwood without him.

        Personally, I’d love it if they would go back and film some of the radio plays. But if they do come back for “closure” – even though Children of Earth wrapped up the series in a bittersweet, poignant way – then they ought to find a way to involve Gareth. He was the true heart of Torchwood for me. I loved the character, and he had so much potential for other exploring. Not to mention his relationship with Jack was one of the most fascination, beautiful, imperfectly perfect relationships I’ve seen on telly. I’m still heartbroken.

  • This stinks!!! I was really hoping they’d come back this year.

  • Aimèe

     The best closure for Torchwood would be if it will never ever come back again. Miracle Day made me feel ashamed to call myself a fan and I’m glad I stopped telling people that they “have to watch this show” after Children of Earth, which was far better produced but also full of hair pulling plot holes.

    So please Torchwood, as much as I loved you, stay dead. Dead is dead.

    As for Eve Myles, funny that she remembers the fans now, because I remember her saying that the “can’t mollycoddle the fans” when people were not all “hurray” about the idea of Torchwood going to America. Guess she noticed that she’s not so far up that she doesn’t need fans anymore at all, huh?

    And last but not least, what is it about RTD and his sick partner and that being the reason that he can’t do any more Torchwood right now. It’s a wonderful thing to put your partners health first, but I also read that RTD is now producing a childrens show for the BBC. And using your sick partner as an excuse, well, that’s beyond sick.

    • Janice Kay

      I honestly don’t think RTD is using his partner as an excuse. At an interview he did say that his new children’s series was a “committment” that he was obligated to do and it came before they realized how sick his partner was. Showtime allowed him to walk from their contract with him for ‘Cucumber’. Who knows? Maybe BBC wouldn’t so he had to do it. His partner was diagnosed during the airing of Miracle Day so I can see why Torchwood would not have been foremost on his mind at the time. When someone you care about has brain cancer, things do take a second seat.

  • Lindie

    “Unfortunately, they can’t bring back Ianto (as much as many of you would love) nor can it pretend that ‘Miracle Day’ never occurred (as much as many of you would also love).”

    It’s science fiction, though. They could easily do both of those things and appease the majority of the fandom. Miracle Day was embarrassing and Torchwood isn’t Torchwood (and Jack isn’t Jack) without our teaboy. 

    And the thing is, the majority of their loyal fanbase HATED Miracle Day. It was not the Torchwood I fell in love with. All the charm, wit, and excitement was gone – as well as the cast who I loved so much. A fifth series or a movie would probably continue to go downhill just like MD did, so I’d prefer to go on pretending that Children of Earth Day Five was the end of the show. It was a bittersweet, appropriate, perfect ending – Gwen and Rhys were left behind to raise their family, and Jack left earth with nothing (namely Ianto) to keep him there. That’s where it ended for me.

    • Janice Kay

      I agree, ‘Miracle Day’ was not the Torchwood that most fans fell in love with and ‘Children of Earth’ was a much superior finale.

      • Lindie

        I agree. It was perfect closure for Jack’s time with Torchwood 3. He had no reason to stay around – Gwen’s priority is her family now (as it should be) and they would have been left alone in peace. Jack is clearly still grieving over Ianto, and between the loss of his lover and family, there’s nothing for him left. 

        Honestly, I’d prefer to just pretend like MD never happened and continue to think of Day 5 as the end. I would love for them to go back and film some of the radio plays or do some between-season series with the original cast, but if they can’t bring back the characters I adored and the original format, I don’t know how much I’d want to see another season. It would just be rubbing salt in the wounds.

    • Isara

      Then they have a real problem, because without Ianto Jones I´ll never see TW again (and not for Jack, really, I love him Jack / JB), but without Ianto, Gwen is the chief now, and I can´t with her!!!! Kill Gwen, please

  • Arthur

    Thought: maybe to apologize for the craptastic series that was Miracle Day, they should find a way to bring back Ianto. 

  • Anonymous

    After what they did with the 4th season, I think it’s better for them to take more time off and come up with a working plot. And please, don’t bring that agent guy back, the one who came back to life.

    • Lindie

      I agree, Rex was a horrible character. Most of the new characters were, in my opinion. They had no chemistry with the remaining members of the original cast (no one is EVER going to top the chemistry that Gareth, Eve, Jack, Burn, and Naoko had) and they somehow got more screen-time than John, who was first-billed. 

      The best gift they could give to fans is to pretend like MD didn’t happen and Children of Earth was the finale to the show. THAT was where it should have ended, honestly. It felt like an appropriate, bittersweet closure to the show I loved so much. 

      • Janice Kay

        BBC America just aired ‘Children of Earth’ twice over the weekend. I’m curious if those who were introduced to Torchwood via ‘Miracle Day’ and loved that series caught COE and now would like to know if their opinion has changed.

        • Lindie

          Probably so, since any of the original UK series sweeps the floor with Miracle Day. I watched a few episodes (couldn’t bear to watch Day Four, though) and BBC America cut a lot of bits.. probably to fit in commercials, but it made it kind of choppy. 

          But even choppy, it’s so much better than Miracle Day. I’m sure it made people realize what they were missing from the original series. (Admittedly, I’ve never met anyone who loved MD.. lol.)

          • Darklordmyke

             I liked Miracle Day and I’ve been a fan of Torchwood since it premiered! I found the idea behind it lacking but the plot points and character driven sub-plots were really gritty and promising… I don’t see why people have such a problem with REX he was the non-believer turned immortal due to technicalities!

          • Lindie

            Several of us have been fans of TW since the beginning. I definitely didn’t find the plot of Miracle Day exciting in the least bit – I’ve never before been bored in an episode of Torchwood, and yet none of the fourth series (which really shouldn’t even be called Torchwood, because it just.. wasn’t) kept me on the edge of my seat. It was lacking all the wit and excitement of the original UK series. Plus the new characters were all awful caricatures that had no chemistry with what was left of the original cast. The whole series was lacking everything that made Torchwood Torchwood.

            As for Rex, I could go on and on about him. But I’ll just leave it at this for now – Rex was a very stereotypical “tough American cop” who had to do everything his way, regardless of whether it was right or not. And he made several homophobic, polarizing remarks along the way. One of the nice things about real Torchwood was the fluid sexuality of the cast, so I didn’t need or appreciate him stomping around labeling Jack along the way. It was never an issue in the first three seasons.

            ALSO. Also. Jack’s immortality is a fixed point in time, not caused by his blood.. so as such, it should not have been able to be passed onto Rex. That was just shoddy writing on behalf of the writers who did not do their homework. I’d really like to just retcon myself and go back before Miracle Day, because it just does not factor in as canon for me. Or most people, judging from comments I’ve seen and reviews I’ve read.

        • Pam

          Got hooked on Torchwood in the US when they aired Miracle Day on Starz.  Hated REX. But still liked the chemistry between Jack and Gwen.  Accidentally found Tourchwood: Children of Earth this weekend and LOVED IT!  Now we are watching the entire series from the beginning. 

          Comparatively, Miracle Day Sucks.  Children of Earth was so well written and acted and all of the characters were so addictive.  I guess I have to give a nod to Miracle Day for getting me started.  I feel late in the game on the series, and do agree after seeing both series – if it was to end – Children of Earth was the better way to go.

          • Arthur

            The only bits of Miracle Day I really loved were the few mentions of Ianto (that broke my heart all over again), Gwen and Rhys and their beautiful little family, Barrowman naked, and Gwen and Jack’s car scene where they lay it all out on the line and prove that they both have priorities other than each other. Glad those two never got together – RTD, John, and Eve have always said it would never happen. I think it’s much more fascinating that the two leads are such good friends and Gwen has her own world away from Torchwood. I love Rhys.

            Glad you caught Children of Earth last weekend – that was the last of real Torchwood and the perfect end to the series. I think you’re going to love the first two seasons, too.

  • Knezrad

    If one deals in alternate histories regularly they can easily ignore both Ianto’s death and also Miracle Day . Form its beginning the series was marred by logical inconsistencies-remember the dead character who could not “breathe” to save a life but obviously had no problem passing air over his vocal cords to speak?  Or the scientific impossibility of a fissure through the entire molten core of the earth?  I’d prefer a more  sensible extrapolation of what went on in the past and a bit better rein on the writer’s imaginations but that never stopped them before.  Now they have Starz eager for more and they are piddling around with other projects.  It is unprofessional. In showbiz there is an honored tradition called “the show must go on” and people who carried through were called, uniquely, “troopers.”  At times this solely was fed by the actors’ vanity. And it should never endanger anyone’s lives.  But it should not be avoided as unimportant. It is part of the social contract between performance and audience.

  • Jscarce87

    Season in the US it only aired here once

  • Jscarce87

    I loved MD maybe it’s because the seasons before didn’t air in America

    • Lindie

      Watch series 1-3 on Netflix, it’s so much better. Miracle Day wasn’t Torchwood at all, not the Torchwood I fell in love with. It was missing EVERYTHING that fans of the original UK series loved – the original characters, format, Cardiff, the Hub.. if you backtrack and watch the original, you’ll probably want to forget MD ever existed just like the rest of us.

      • Arthur

        Plus if you go back and watch the good UK series, you’ll see why so many people felt like Children of Earth felt like the best ending to the show.

      • Janice Kay

        Lindie is right, Jscarce87. Once you watch the first 3 seasons of Torchwood, you’ll notice a distinct difference in tone and feel between the two.

  • Justynedwards

    This show was AWESOME… i dont get why people never like the shows I enjoy  the stuff that is original and amazing always gets cancelled  like Jericho, Fast Forward GAHHH I enjoyed this show thoroughly, great cast, great story line

    • Lindie

      Watch the original three series and you’ll see original, amazing, along with a great cast and story. :) Miracle Day can’t hold a candle to series 1-3 and it was SO different than original Torchwood, which is why most fans of the original series hate it. All the charm, wit, and excitement from Torchwood was lost as soon as they killed off more than half of the original cast who people loved so much. Children of Earth and the lost files radio plays were all the closure I need. Rhys and Gwen were left behind to raise their family in peace, and without Ianto to keep him there, Jack left the earth and could be free to go look for the Doctor again. It was a perfect, bittersweet ending. THAT was the ending of Torchwood for me.

      Trust me – go watch the original series on Netflix. We got three series’ worth of televisual gold, so I’m sad that it devolved into something like a bad CSI/X-Files crossover that happened to have a few characters from a show I loved.

  • Drstifler

    Loved it all! Miracle day wasn’t like everything else but it was cerebral! I like aliens better but as long as u got Jack and Gwen I am in keep making it! Go back to Cardiff get a new car, new hub, and for sure something with unit!

  • Gomezz51

    Would love to see the series continue, not just conclude.
    Great characters and very imaginative.

    Love the show

    • Janice Kay

      I would like to see the series continue also but only with the right person running it and the proper writers. I wouldn’t want to see the series continue just to continue, know what I mean?

      • Lindie

        Especially not if it meant continuing along the shoddy lines of Miracle Day. I still vote for a reboot and bringing back the life and soul of original Torchwood (and Gareth David-Lloyd, while they’re at it).

  • Deslover

    VERY disappointed with the entire season 4 of Torchwood…How did we leave Wales and end up with the ER cast members in the US.  Not the same series, why pretend that it’s still Torchwood?

    • Lindie

      “Not the same series, why pretend that it’s still Torchwood?” 

      I totally agree. It was missing everything that made Torchwood Torchwood – the wit, excitement, original cast, aliens, the Rift, the Hub, and Cardiff. It was a poor substitute for the original series that I loved so much and it certainly wasn’t Torchwood.

  • Guest

    I would love to see more seasons!  I did like the original Cardiff ones the best.  Miracle Day wasn’t what I was expecting either, but they left it open to create more characters and to lengthen the series for more seasons.  I do hope that they continue.

    • Janice Kay

      I was a bit disappointed with the ending of Miracle Day as I felt like it took away what made Captain Jack unique. So I’m reluctant to see that continuation of the story. There are a lot of good points made in the comments as to why Miracle Day didn’t work as a Torchwood series and although I, too, would like to see more seasons, I hope these points will be addressed. To see a great series jump the shark it a bit heart breaking.

      • Sunny

        I fell in love with the original. I did not discover Torchwood until 2009. I so agree with you.The change killed me. I barely got over COE. It breaks my heart. There should be only one immortal. Miracle Day should have only been five episodes. It was too drawn out. It had a few (tiny) good points but it had no real meat. I would love more seasons but it needs to stay in Cardiff and be more true to itself. My heart and prayers go out to Russel T Davies. He needs to focus on his loved one. If we have to wait until he can put his hands on it so be it. I am an American, but please no more Americanwood. By bringing it here they might have killed it!!!

    • Lindie

      If a final series is anything like Miracle Day, I’d prefer to go on believing that COE was the proper end – since that’s where Torchwood ended for so many of its fans. I’d rather have a short, fantastic series than watch it slowly wither and die. Going by Eve’s comments, it sounds like there would probably just be one more season to tie up loose ends and give closure. Or, as she said, to draw a line under the series. Jack definitely needs to leave Earth for a while, I think.. like he said in COE, there are too many ghosts left behind, and he’s clearly still broken over losing Ianto. Maybe going off with the Doctor for a while would help him start to heal.

  • I hope they kill Gwen off shes so freakin annoying and most probably the worst character on the show that would also include her family and that dope of a husband, wheres the doctor that cant die? Gwen has back stabbed  Capn Jack so many times i have prayed he would kill her himself…. hes killed other team members for less…. Lets be honest  the shows main character that the fans are interested in is the
    Captain. Hell if they brought back the other time agent you would have a really good show well worth watching, but to bring back the most combative antagonistic annoying Gwen is total garbage..
    Never liked Gwen never will Please Kill Gwen Please.

    • But Gwen is so sexy.

      • Beth

        Sexy?  Doe eyes and an annoying voice?  Get yourself a girlfriend ;-))  (One that doesn’t sleep around on you!)

        • Isara

          Ianto is sexy, and hot, and cute…. and with Jack they are perfect together. Gwen annoys me!

    • Beth

      I’m with you on that one… Gwen cheats on everybody, not just Jack.  But yeah, she does stab him in the back every chance she gets, and she IS annoying.  So – kill off Gwen, get Ianto back! :-)

  • Christina

    no ianto = no torchwood!  I wouldn’t watch it anyway… 

    • Lindie

      I do agree that Torchwood isn’t Torchwood (and Jack isn’t Jack) without our beloved teaboy turned BAMF.

  • Teqneq329

    I haven’t watched the last episode of the Miracle Day series but know that i do want to see more Torchwood.  I like that they came to America and then were “jet setting” around the world to see what this “Blessing” was.  I agree that there needs to be more Torchwood (just love Captain Jack) and i’m an American Bloke.

    • Lindie

      I’d love more Torchwood, too – if they returned to the original format, cast, location, and feel of the show. But Americanwood (incidentally, I’m form the US as well) feels nothing like the real Torchwood I fell in love with.

    • Lindie

      I’d love more Torchwood, too – if they returned to the original format, cast, location, and feel of the show. But Americanwood (incidentally, I’m form the US as well) feels nothing like the real Torchwood I fell in love with.

  • Rob

    I’d love to see more of Torchwood, hope the series continues

    • Peggy white

      love torchwood hope to see more

  • Terry

    I’d like to see more of the series but I’ll take anything I can get!

  • Idea: get back to the original format hunting down alien technology.

    The return of the doctor begins a new journey, The Torchwood team is duplicated /copied and each is sent to opposite ends of the universe.

    • Beth

      Not much of a team left, is there!  I’d enjoy having the original cast back, though.  And yes, back to the roots – hunting for alien technology!

  • Beth

    I would love more Torchwood – more Jack and less Gwen though!  I really think her character is overrated.

    I’d vote for Torchwood to stay on the small screen – you couldn’t get away with Jack’s blatant sexuality on the big screen, especially with prudish US audiences.  Also, I’d love for Torchwood to go back to Cardiff, and have more Welsh actors again.  The first season was the best!

    • Guest

      Beth do you live in the US? I do not know one prude! Sexuality is all over the place … tv and movies! Jack would do well on the big screen! However I would like the show to stay a tv series because I’m not ready for the show to be over! I agree that Gwen is a little overrated … just like Amy Pond in Dr. Who. Jack makes Torchwood and I wish the show would come back … I ordered Starz just for Torchwood!

    • Chris

      Prudish audiences? At least the full sex scenes were aired in the US. Not so on the BBC, as far as I know. 

      But the show should’ve ended at COE.

  • Mudrose30

    Miracle Day sucked me right in! Now thanks to “On Demand” I have completely caught up on the whole franchise and finishing the last of the prequil triology books. All I can say is more, more, MORE!

    • Chris

      I was about to like the comment when I thought it said “Miracle Day sucked”. MD can’t really be considered Torchwood since it was missing the majority of the cast we all loved, Cardiff, the Hub, the Rift, aliens.. everything that made it Torchwood was gone. It was basically a badly executed American crime drama that happened to have Jack, Gwen, and Rhys in it.

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  • Id like to see Gwen topless

  • Slevant

    I’ve been a fan of Torchwood from the beginning. I found it a stroke of genius when Captain Jack’s character appeared in the new series of Doctor Who and the spin-off was then produced. I would love to see another series of Torchwood. I envision closure to the series which reconnects it with Doctor Who in a dark, gritty and universe-shaking adventure

  • Confused in California

    I have not been able to figure out why a series as wonderful and apparently as popular as Torchwood was could not have continued on as Dr. Who has continued on.  I must admitt that “Children of Earth” though at time upsetting was brilliant.  However I do think they could have continued on from there.  “Miracle Day” was entertaining and especially got on track in th latter episodes but in this country when a series is popular they try and continue it on even past the time they should.  I find it a shame that they can’t ressurect Torchwood in it previuos format as a more regular series.

    • Arthur

      But Miracle Day wasn’t popular – it was critically panned, had horrible ratings, and most of the longterm fans of the show hated it. Everything that made Torchwood Torchwood ended with COE.

  • Pky_00000

    I was waiting and hoping for the next installment of Torchwood.  It is unfortunate that this may be the end of it.  I am choosy about my science fiction.  I want something that will not only be entertaining but is believeable in its fantastical way.  You had me wanting more. I hope all goes well for Mr. Davies and his partner.  If we don’t see any more Torchwood; I have to say that it was a good ride.

    • Bill

      It was a great ride for the first three series, yes. I wish it could have ended on a brilliant series (COE) rather than such a flop (MD).

  • what now

    I’ve watched Torchwood from the beginning.. Really edgy, spunky and fun.. I thought the Miracle Day was leading to a series!  Would love to see more, or a movie to bring closure

  • I was very disappointed that there won’t be another series this year. I thought when Starz picked it up it would stick around. 

    • Arthur

      Well, maybe if the Starz version hadn’t completely sucked and bombed horribly, it would stick around. As it is, the majority of longterm Torchwood fans hated Miracle Day and feel like Children of Earth was the appropriate, bittersweet ending to the series we all loved. Miracle Day was just an insult to the original series – and it was NOT the Torchwood I fell in love with.

  • Zereca

    I’ve only watched the two first seasons but after Tosh and Owen’s deaths, I wasn’t sure if I’d like to watch it anymore. Bet it’s not the same, right?

    • Janice Kay

      Children of Earth was actually very good, but Miracle Day really didn’t feel like Torchwood for me.

    • Lindie

      Agreed with Janice – Children of Earth is great (very sad, but it’s the perfect end to “real Torchwood”), but Miracle Day is not worth it. At all.

    • Isara

      Yes, Tosh, Owen, IANTO, really, is too much.

  • Mallovescats

    I absolutly agree with Eve, there should be at the very least a proper closer for Torchwood. I, my self, would very much like to see another “season” on the continuation of Torchwood with its current cast members. I think Torchwood has made a large dent in the television industry and now it needs a great big “punch” to get through to its next “life” either by another series or perhaps on the Big Screen. Besides, I’m really courious about how Rex matheson (Mekhi Phifer) handles his immortality and for how long will he have it. “I BELIEVE” TORCHWOOD WILL CONTINUE!

  • Pandachops

    i think that the series should definitely go right back to the “monster of the week format”. This is of course in flat contradiction to the received wisdom. I do not think at all that they need to dispose of it (I hate the expression “wrap it up”).

    In my experience, the UK generally has a lot of problems with extraterrestrials, and I bet you DID NOT KNOW that there was a second shadow in Cardiff that was overlooking Torchwood not that far from the hub? Did you really and honestly think that “above the government and beyond the police” was altogether accurate? More to this than meets the eye.

    Torchwood is still needed. Volunteers? I’ve been trying to find that recruiting station….

  • Nasha Hooft

    I disagree with everyone here…Torchwood was and IS a GREAT show, no matter what twists it makes as the show continues. And I love the character Gwen! Once you love a show and characters, the show can never really go wrong, other then stopping it all together!!!

  • Sylvia P.

    I was wondering if Torchwood was coming back or not. I am sadden to see that it might or might not happen. I really enjoyed watching this series since I started watching the BBC channel. Didn’t realize that this series was a spin-off from Doctor Who, for some reason I could never get into that series even though it’s very popular. I do hope we get to have another season of Torchwood at least to end the series, it’s the least they can do for Torchwood fans out there.

  • dooley

    A new series of Torchwood – yes, yes, yes!

  • SvenClay

    I really got into the show body and soul. It was very exciting and dramatic and alot of other good things I look forward to in a movie or show. it makes me sad to think this is  the end, it really does.My hopes are still up.

  • Kelly

    I would love for Torchwood to come back. I would hate to see it end but if it has to they do need to wrap things up. The show should have never come to the U.S or used American actors, it just made the series less interesting. One of the reasons I watch the show is because its British and they don’t have an FCC to worry about, its better programming. I fell for Captain Jack Harkness the minute I saw him on Dr. Who. I’m all for Torchwood coming back and to Cardiff too. Just get rid of the Americans and pretend that Miracle Day never happened.

  • Filmmom2007

    I really feel the best closure would be through a movie. Fans get what they want and perhaps it would be slightly less time consuming for the writer.

  • Bestofthelot

    I am all for a closing episode of Torchwood, but without Gwen.  I can honestly say that I have rarely disliked a character more than that one.  She is horrible (the character, not the real life actress).

    • Isara

      Agree, Gwen as lead character of the show killed it (With the charismatic Captain Jack Harkness as the BOSS, why put Gwen in it?!?! Definitely she´s overrated) And I love the rest of the team: Toshiko, Owen, and of course, Ianto, the discovering of the show, for me).

  • Patfburns

    I think having Torchwood back for what ever the length as how it ended really sucked.

  • Patfburns

    Well as I was trying to say before the enter button was hit, I think having Torchwood back for rather it be a series, movie or whatever, wood be good cause how things were left really left you unsatisfied.

    • Janice Kay

      I agree! Torchwood is such a great series that to let it end the way it did leaves much to be desired.

  • Kristen

    I loved the whole original cast. true once again bringing the Americans into it kindof F’d up the show. but If they keep John and Eve in the forfront it CAN be saved, but if they try to fade them out like turning Mekki’s character Rex into an immortal like Jack.(we all know that is the path they were taking) The show would be doomed-then don’t even insult us with a “closure” movie, mini series, what not. I hope RTD will be in a position to bring Torchwood back. I wish him all the best.

  • I love the series and did not hate but very disapointed with last seasons end, and with miracle day as much as I did with robin hood were they killed off maron and robinhood die before king john returned.

  • First, my heart goes out to Russel.
    They say that they can’t pretend all the 3 and 4 series didn’t happen but can’t the Dr. allow Jack to travel through time and ‘fix’ all the deaths? Maybe back to when Suzie was killing to use the glove and Gwen figured it out? Why not allow the Dr. to Adbuct the “present” jack and replace him with the future Jack who knows that these things are going to happen so that he can prevent them? Then you could start the series over. Soaps do it all the time and maybe Suzie still dies and Gwen is recruited Jack is left to wonder if all has to happen as is does or if he can change things for the better.

    • Madame Rosa

      Because the future Jack is the Face of Boe.

  • fromp

    they could travel back in time at the beggining of new episode and save all the original team, or to make it look like you can’t change everything by saving one or two old cast members.

  • seasoned_geek

    Personally, I loved the series and liked Miracle Day. What I honestly believed was going to happen was that STARZ was going to “spin off” a Torchwood USA version using the Rex character, allowing Jack and Gwen to disappear for a while. Then I believed they would build up some multi-part episode or mini-series where one by one Gwen, Jack, and the Doctor would come back to bail them out and discover that Rex had quietly been rebuilding Torchwood 3 with funds he bled off from the never scene family of Miracle Day. in short, thought there would be a season or year with an American version playing a game of “follow the money” turning up bits of alien tech and building up characters which could then join the team at Torchwood 3.1

  • ashontay

    I say bring it back as a show!

  • I LOVE TORCHWOOD!! You don’t know a good thing when you see it, if you want to cancel it. I watch Dr. Who also, and that’s where I met Captain jack Harkness.. I LOVE HIM!! Do not deprive us of him.

  • Kathy


  • stace


  • suzie

    Please, Please , Bring back Torchwood. It is so much better than the current Dr Who (Matt Smith).

  • Pegisf

    Sure. Doctor Who is getting such a fan base in the US and we seem to be lapping up anything closely related. I say – the more the merrier!!

  • Robert

    Torchwood must have closure, perhaps a 5 part ending, the fans need this badly!

  • nell

    Please bring back the show! Ianto can be brought back.. Come on its Torchwood.. Anything can happen..

  • GJW

    Love Torchwood. Miracle Day is just on TV now here in the States. I never buy TV series, but I bought the Miracle Day series so I wouldn’t miss an episode.

  • Virginia Samuelson

    Yes please. I need closure.

  • Isara

    Yes, MD never happened (at least for me) and yes Ianto HAS to be in the team. I respect all opinions, but I think Gwen is a bit overrated (Jack is the lead character, and Ianto is perfect for him. Also, was the -good- discovering of the show) Sorry, I don´t like Gwen.

  • Debbie

    A Torchwood movie would be fabulous but Bringing the series back would be even better! Such great talent, such great characters, & such great writing are all elements that would make a come back an overwhelming success.

  • SuzieD1 .

    They could put Jack in an alternate timeline and bring back Ianto, Tosh and Owen. I would also like to see a version where Susie lives and is part of Torchwood instead of bringing Gwen on. She is the single most annoying character I have ever watched on a television series.

    • sum1else

      ‘Single most annoying character’? You must not have watched that much television…

  • Madame Rosa

    What’s with all the Gwen haters?
    She’s been a great character since her introduction in Dr Who.