Chloe Bridges

The Power of Three will have another new guardian in their witchy lives as Chloe Bridges has joined the cast as their new (temporary) Whitelighter.

Bridges is best known for her role as Sydney Driscoll on Freeform’s ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ She was also a regular on Lifetime’s short-lived series ‘Daytime Divas’ as Kibby Ainsley and can currently be seen in the Netflix original series ‘Insatiable.’

According to TV Line, Bridges will play Tessa, a rather “no nonsense Whitelighter” who fills in for Harry when he “mysteriously disappears.” While Harry’s technique for working with the sisters is one of nurturing, Tessa is quite the opposite and she is not afraid to let the sisters know she thinks their powers are unimpressive and in need of a lot of work – all in a decisively snarky manner. (Think Natalie from the original series who was a Whitelighter acquaintance of Leo’s who trained the Halliwell sisters to fight against a demon but eventually met her demise. That’s not to say that Tessa will receive the same fate!)

While initially invoking some outrage from fans of the original ‘Charmed’ series, the reboot has been performing well in its Sunday night time slot and has received a second season renewal from The CW. The show has managed to make a few changes to the original concept that has given it a magical punch of newness that apparently has cast a spell on those who have tuned in.

And speaking of tuning in, ‘Charmed’ executive producer Amy Rardin tells fans that the rest of the season will now focus on the mystery of who killed the sisters’ mother.

“We have a lot of twists and turns in that story. We have a lot of mysteries to reveal.”

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‘Charmed’ airs Sundays at 9pm on The CW.