FOX has announced that its new action-drama ‘neXt’ will debut on Tuesday, October 6 at 9 pm EST.  This series, created by Manny Coto (’24: Legacy’), was developed for last fall but was held over, which sounds like a great idea in retrospect, since many networks won’t have ANY new shows ready to debut in the fall thanks to COVID-19.  (For example, The CW pushed its entire “fall” schedule to January, and at this point, there’s no guarantee they’ll even make that.)  ‘neXt’ is executive produced by Coto and directors John Requa, and Glenn Ficarra.

John Slattery (‘Mad Men’) stars as Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Paul LeBlanc.  Fernanda Andrade co-stars as Homeland Cybersecurity Agent Shea Salazar.  Michael Mosley portrays CM is “a Southern ex-con hacker with a genius IQ” who has been recruited to work with the Homeland Cybersecurity task force.  The regular cast also includes Jason Butler Harner as Ted LeBlanc, Eve Harlow as Gina, Elizabeth Cappuccino as Abby, and Aaron Moten as Ben.

This show is basically everyone’s worst nightmare that really exists, we all know it, and we kind of just look the other way.  On ‘neXt’, “her” name is Eliza.  In the real world, we know her better as Alexa or Siri– that charming disembodied voice that makes it so we never have to spell anything out to make stuff happen.  The one that collects all of our data– what we buy, where we eat, where we go, who we talk to, what we watch, what we.. *ahem* do when we’re alone, etc. etc. etc.  What does she do with this data?  That seems to be the basis for this show.

Check out the trailer for yourself below:

I mean… we all know this is happening in real life.  Yet… it’s easier to look the other way than to, y’know type in a search on Amazon Prime Video with that remote that only has like eight buttons on it, or like, turn on a faucet.

Tune into ‘neXt’ on FOX, Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, starting on October 6.


Source: Deadline