Patrick J Adams‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is set to wrap up its premiere season next month and just days ago, it was announced that ‘Suits’ star Patrick J. Adams had been cast for a role in the season finale that was only described as a “fun character the fans will love.”  Considering the show deals with time travel and reportedly producers will shake up the roster for the recently announced second season, the immediate guess was that Adams would play time-hopping opportunist Booster Gold, a character who stole advanced technology from the future in order to become a hero– and more importantly, a celebrity– in the present.  The character has had a lengthy career in DC Comics and has served as a member of the Justice League.

But now comes word that Adams will actually be playing a different character.

It’s been known for some time that the cast of ‘Legends’ would wind up back in WWII and interact with several Golden Age DC characters including Sgt. Rock, Hourman, Sandman and the original Red Tornado.  Now it appears that Adams will add to that list.

Reportedly, Adams will portray Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.  Scott was a key member of the WWII era Justice Society (along with Hourman and Sandman).  He possessed a Power Ring that granted him incredible powers including flight and energy projection, although his powers did not affect plant life.

This Green Lantern has no connection to the space-based Green Lantern Corps, which was introduced in the 1950s.

In classic continuity, Scott was a radio station owner.  In modern comics, he has been updated to a media mogul.

The original Alan Scott had two children (unbeknownst to him) who grew into crime fighters themselves, Jade and Obsidian.  He eventually married his secretary Molly Mayne, who had sometimes  acted as a criminal, The Harlequin.

In modern comics, a younger Scott is depicted as a gay man, whose fiancé Sam’s death played a part in him becoming a hero.  It’s unclear which version of the character ‘Legends’ will draw from or if this version will combine elements from both.

The Season One finale of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will air on May 19.  This episode, entitled “Legendary” and will be directed by Dermott Downs.  The teleplay was written by Phil Klemmer & Marc Guggenheim based on a story by  Greg Berlanti & Chris Fedak.

Are you excited to see Alan Scott/Green Arrow on this series?

Source: Bleeding Cool

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