There’s a ton of pop culture references in ‘Sesame Street’ and now the venerable kids show is celebrating another pop culture phenomenon: Comic-Cons!

Comic lovers from all over the world gather at Comic-Cons and the same seems to be true for the gang on Sesame Street as they attend Numericon, a convention for fans of numbers, in various stages of cosplay. Whether you love the number 3 or the number 2 (such as Doctor Two ), Numericon is the place for number lovers to gather.

Check out the clips below to see a preview of what is to come when Sesame Street is converted to Numericon and watch for number-based characters including the aforementioned Doctor Two, Five-erine, The Dark Nine, Princess Three-a, Six Fury (who obviously leads the Sevengers), The Caped Crus-Eighter, The Green Lan-ten,” and of course, The Count.

“The greatest number lover’s convention is coming to Sesame Street this year! Big Fan of the number 5? Number 2? The dark number 9? Well then come down to Sesame Street to join the fun at Numericon!”

So how many genre references were you able to make out?

Source: The Nerdist