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Edgar Wright has signed a deal with Amblin Partners to develop, direct, and executive produce his next feature, ‘Stage 13’, a ghost story.  ‘SNL’ alum Simon Rich is penning the screenplay, based on his own short story, and will also serve as a producer.

Via Deadline:

Based on Rich’s short story of the same title, the film follows the ghost of a silent film-era actress that has haunted the titular soundstage of a backlot for decades. After a struggling director meets the ghost, they find an unexpected kinship and team to make their mark on the world.

Rich is a five-time Emmy nominee, who has published two novels and five short story collections.  “Stage 13” was first published in his collection ‘Hits and Misses’ which won the 2019 Thurber Prize for American Humor.

Wright’s film ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World’ was a box office flop, but has developed a cult following and is currently celebrating its ten year anniversary.  Wright and most of the cast recently participated in a virtual table read in its honor.

He first gained notice for directing the “Corneto Trilogy” of movies starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost– ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hott Fuzz’, and ‘The World’s End’.  Since then, he directed one of my personal favorites, ‘Baby Driver’ in 2017, a rare dramatic/action entry.  His next film, ‘Last Night in Soho’ has been delayed due to the coronavirus.  It will now open on April 23, 2021.  Like ‘Baby Driver’, this is a deviation from Wright’s typical comedic oeuvre– a horror movie.  ‘Stage 13’ will be a return to humor, but obviously has a supernatural twist.

Fans may recall that he spent YEARS developing an ‘Ant-Man’ movie for Marvel Studios, but he was ultimately replaced on the project by Peyton Reed, due to Marvel’s desire to get the movie out by a certain date.

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